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5-smallOn the Earth we are conditioned to the belief in linear time through memory and collective memory (history), and form a concept of time that is like a river flowing ever onward. This belief becomes our reality.
Our logical left brain is selective in what it chooses to believe, and ignores lives that do not fit within the linear pattern so lives that are concurrent, or overlap are ignored and we are unaware of them unless we change our belief and begin to believe in simultaneous time; the eternal “Now Moment”. Then we begin to remember other lives that are simultaneous, or overlap with the current one.
In our dream state we sometimes live episodes from these parallel lives, because the logical left brain is no longer in charge in the dream state, and does not apply it’s editing to make everything fit the linear time scenario.
When we suspend our belief in linear time, our Higher Self begins to show us the other lives that we had previously rejected because they did not fit the linear pattern. Our Higher Self is the collective consciousness of all our other lives, and when we count the parallel lives, there are many more lives than we had previously believed within our Higher Self. After we have re-blended with our Higher Self, we are able to focus into any of those other lives, including the parallel ones, that we have become aware of. We are no longer limited to the awareness of this one life. These other parallel lives will be at lower levels of spiritual evolution, as they have not yet re-blended with the Higher Self as you have.
From Rananda via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 28th July 2016



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The evolutionary period of the Souls in 3D awareness on the Earth began about 26,000 years ago, at the start of the grand cycle of the equinoxes, and ended on 21st December 2012, at the end of that cycle.  The 3D Souls have evolved during that period, under the guidance of those Souls that descended from 5D+ to the 3D Earth to be their “Wayshowers”.

       The 3D Earth is like a “School Of Life”, where the 3D `pupils’ learn their life lessons through the mechanism of karma, under the tuition of the wayshowers, both in and out of incarnation.  In incarnation, the wayshowers exert a civilizing influence on the 3D Souls, and form a link for them with the Higher Realms.  They incarnate as priests and Shamans, mystics, artists, musicians and inventors.  They are like the `teachers’ at the school of life.  In discarnation they come into their Soul groups and act as their “Guides”, and also as the council members who help them choose the next incarnation, that will give them the best opportunity to balance their karma.

Those 3D Souls have now balanced their karma and have graduated from the school of life.

Since the end of the evolution on 21st December 2012, there has been a two year period, during which the energies of transmutation from the Galactic core, have gradually increased the vibrational frequency of the physical cells of those 3D Souls who have chosen to ascend to 5D, and have helped them to release all that does not contribute to their highest good.  The vibrational frequency of their physical bodies has now risen to the point where it is close enough to the 5D frequency for them to embody the whole of the Soul Energy of their Higher Self, when previously they were only able to bring a small fragment of that Soul Energy into incarnation. Thus, they are now able to “Reblend” with their Higher Self.  Those that are in communication with their Higher Self may be told of this, but others may not be aware of it.

On the 20th March 2015, Spring Equinox, and New Moon Solar Eclipse, a great ascension ceremony and celebration, is to be held on the great Pleiadian mothercraft “The White Winds”, to initiate up to 1000 of those 3D Souls to 5D. These will be the first wave of 5D ascendents, but other waves will follow on astrological and astronomical alignment dates throughout 2015 and after, until all of those that have chosen to do so, have ascended to 5D.

Those that have been The First Wave Wayshowers throughout the evolution, and that were initiated to 7D and made “Adonai” (Lords and Ladies of Light) at the great ceremony and celebration of 21st December 2014, and earlier in 2014, on board The White Winds, will officiate at this ceremony for the 5D ascendents and initiate them to 5D.

Lady Nada

This and subsequent ascension ceremonies will take place in a great auditorium on board The White Winds, which is a truly enormous mothercraft, of some 3000 miles in diameter. The ceremonies will be organized by Lady Claudine, Goddess Of Change and of the Gold Ray, and hosted by Lord Adrigon, top commander of The White Winds and founder of the Pleiadian fleet.  Many of the guides and mentors of the ascendent Souls will be present as guests, along with many great Light Beings, their Mates and Twin Flames, to witness this great event. After the ceremony, there will be a great celebration and gala ball to mark the occasion, some of the ascendents may remember this occasion and some may not. However, as it is all happening in “The Now Moment”, one will be able to tune into it at any subsequent time, and witness the proceedings.

After the 5D ascendents return to Earth, they will work alongside “The Second Wave Wayshowers”, to cleanse the Earth and to help raise her vibrational frequency in various ways, from lower 5D where she now resides, to fully ascended into 5D.  They will receive help from the Star Brethren to remove the dark ones from power, and from the Earth, and  they will then live on the 5D Earth as fully ascended 5D Souls.

Those 3D Souls that have chosen not to ascend, will leave the Earth when they pass away, and will be reborn on some other 3D World. They cannot be reborn upon the 5D Earth, as they would be out of tune with Her, and would not survive.

The Earth will have returned to Her pristine beauty as a 5D Planet and the “Harvest Of The Evolution” will be complete.

Lord Sananda / Lady Nada via Lord Rananda Kumara, on  3rd March 2015.

Lots of Love from Rananda Kumara.  ❤ ❤

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Angels Eye View

The experience of time speeding up is an illusion. It is not that time in the 3D world is speeding up;- it is that time is slowing down for those of us whose vibrational frequency is rising; as we are in transition to 5D frequency during our “ascent”.

The 3D world around us seems to be accelerating faster and faster, so that we have difficulty keeping up with it; but we seem to exist in a little pool of calm, amidst the “3D Circus” that accelerates all around us.

It is better to detach from the 3D Circus and not try to keep up with it. Switch off your TV and remain in your little pool of calm detachment.

Those that exist at the 3D frequency are learning their lessons at “The School Of Life”, by knocking the sharp emotional corners off of each other, as they balance their karmic debts; but you have graduated from that `school’, and are in transition to the 5D frequency, where Love and Wisdom prevail. The 3D world is not your appropriate place anymore, so dont become emotionally involved in it, and allow it to suck you back in, or it will prevent your ascent to 5D.

Lord Sanat Kumara via Rananda Kumara on 1st April 2014.

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Angel painting by Glenyss BourneOn the 11th of November 2012 (11:11:12) the Higher Heart chakra of Mother Earth will open and she will take her first step into 5D awareness. The fifth dimensional Earth will begin to take form and those who have opened their own Higher Hearts will be able to start ascending to the 5D Earth, if that is what they have chosen, and when the moment is right for them.

This rebirth of Mother Earth will be initiated by the incoming energies of Divine Love radiated from The Divine Mother; “Shekinah”. This Light energy is Pearly Pink and Gold and it will enter the Higher Heart chakra of Mother Earth at 11:11 AM GMT at Glastonbury, England, which is the location of Mother Earth’s Heart chakra. (The vortex at Glastonbury Tor / Chalice Well.)

All of those whose Higher Heart is open and who are thus in 5D awareness have the ability to add their energy to this rebirth of Mother Earth by radiating the Pearly Pink and Gold Light of Divine Love into her Heart at 11:11 AM your local time, on Sunday 11:11:12. This event takes place in 5D which is in “The Now Moment”, in no time.

From “Father” via Rananda on the 10th November 2012.

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Angel Painting by Glenyss Bourne Time Anomalies are occurring ever more frequently since 28th October 2011;- “The End Of Time” on The Mayan Calendar.

These occur when two Souls who are both in 5D awareness at the same moment, interact. At that moment their awareness is in “The Now Moment”, and is thus outside of linear time. An example on FaceBook is that a friend may make a comment-reply, before you have posted your comment ! On the comment chain, the comment-reply can be seen before the comment. Another example is that a friend will “Like” your Note before you have “Shared” it; sometimes several minutes before! We are now living in 3D and 5D simultaneously, and as our awareness spends more time (No Time ?) in 5D and less in 3D, we are gradually ascending to 5D.

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Angel painting by Glenyss Bourne“THE END OF TIME” :- will arrive when the rate of passage of time, in it’s exponentially rising curve, goes VERTICAL in a “NOW MOMENT”, in which all events are simultaneous. At this point, a quantum leap occurs, into a higher octave of evolution, in TIMELESSNESS, where events are experienced by `tuning-in’ to them, and time and space are no longer limiting factors. ♥ Rananda.

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Angel painting By Glenyss Bourne The future is not set in stone, and is only real in that it is a multitude of PROBABLE futures or “Time Lines”, that stem from “The Now Moment” where we make our choices, individually and collectively. A prophet, looking down a time line from his/her position in the now moment, sees a future that is subject to modification by our choices in the intervening period. ♥ Rananda.

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