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Self Acceptance by Glenyss Bourne

Self Acceptance by Glenyss Bourne

Before one can reunite with one’s Higher Self, one must reintegrate all of the past life Aspects of one’s Soul that have become dissociated for one reason or another.

When one approaches the point of union, one’s Higher Self begins to remind one of one’s past lives.  These are the lives that are problematical for some reason, but some are just because you need to know for reasons of your self esteem.  Some of them may be lives in which one was persecuted, or traumatized in some way, and one has buried them deep in the darkest corner of one’s subconscious, in isolation from the group of one’s other past lives.

In order that you understand what comes next, it is necessary to explain about time. In the material world (3D) ,time is experienced sequentially, like a river; but in the higher dimensions, time is not spread out in that way; everything is happening at the same moment, and one just `tunes in’ to the events one wishes to see. Even though these events may have happened hundreds of years ago, they appear to be happening now , i.e. in “the now moment”, and it is possible to go back in time, as it were, and talk to a traumatized past life Soul aspect in it’s own time frame. One may have hidden the full horror of the traumatic events from oneself, but one can still talk to the traumatized Soul Aspect.

Angels of Healing and Unconditional Love, Gabriel and Mary Before one sets out to recover and reintegrate that Soul Aspect, one must ask oneself what is the nature of the `chain’ that is binding it and keeping it trapped in it’s time frame, while the remainder of the Soul has moved on. Is it a chain of e.g. fear?  Some past life Soul Aspects may have been trapped in their tomb by a black magic spell cast by their enemies. That used to sometimes happen in ancient Egypt.  However, the Resurrection Angels are always available to help, and they have the power to cut all chains, and to break magic spells, so it is a good idea to enlist their help before tuning in to the traumatized Soul Aspect. To tune in, one can visualise flying back down the ages to the relevant time frame accompanied by the Resurrection Angels; then see the Soul standing before one.

When one speaks to the Soul Aspect, one may need to explain about reincarnation, and that one is from it’s future. One may also find it helpful to tell it (him or her) that it has been trapped in it’s time frame while the rest of it’s Soul has moved on in time. Also that it is in it’s interest to be released, as  the Soul must be complete in order to unite with it’s Higher Self. Explain also that you have brought the Resurrection Angels to cut the `chains’, and `see’ them do so. At the same time take the hand of the Soul Aspect and `fly’ upward and forward through time,to the 4D upper Astral Plane of today. Visualize the beautiful White marble Healing temple there, and hand the Soul Aspect over to the Healing Soul at the top of the steps. At this point one must ask Archangel Michael to collect the Soul Aspect after She has been cleansed and healed, and convey Her to Her Higher Self. Then thank the Resurrection Angels for their help.
Rananda Kumara on 1st July 2009

Love and Light from Rananda.


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5-smallOn the Earth we are conditioned to the belief in linear time through memory and collective memory (history), and form a concept of time that is like a river flowing ever onward. This belief becomes our reality.
Our logical left brain is selective in what it chooses to believe, and ignores lives that do not fit within the linear pattern so lives that are concurrent, or overlap are ignored and we are unaware of them unless we change our belief and begin to believe in simultaneous time; the eternal “Now Moment”. Then we begin to remember other lives that are simultaneous, or overlap with the current one.
In our dream state we sometimes live episodes from these parallel lives, because the logical left brain is no longer in charge in the dream state, and does not apply it’s editing to make everything fit the linear time scenario.
When we suspend our belief in linear time, our Higher Self begins to show us the other lives that we had previously rejected because they did not fit the linear pattern. Our Higher Self is the collective consciousness of all our other lives, and when we count the parallel lives, there are many more lives than we had previously believed within our Higher Self. After we have re-blended with our Higher Self, we are able to focus into any of those other lives, including the parallel ones, that we have become aware of. We are no longer limited to the awareness of this one life. These other parallel lives will be at lower levels of spiritual evolution, as they have not yet re-blended with the Higher Self as you have.
From Rananda via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 28th July 2016


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Angel Painting by Glenyss BourneThe vast majority of Souls upon the Mother Earth are in third-dimensional (3D) awareness. A much smaller proportion are in the process of opening their Higher Heart chakra, and graduating from 3D to 5D awareness.

Those that are in 3D awareness are still attending “The School Of Life”, where they are knocking the sharp emotional corners off of each other, in karmic evolution.

Those that have reached the moment of `graduation’ from that `school’ have begun to open their Higher Hearts through unconditional love and compassion for others. This is often expressed in service to others through some sort of healing modality (for free) and through forgiveness and non-judgment of self and others.

There is nothing “wrong” with those that remain in 3D awareness; they are in their appropriate place. They have not yet finished their term at “The School Of Life”, and it would be doing them no favour to try to bring them along with you to 5D awareness. It would be like taking them out of school before the end of term. They may be close friends or family members whom you love dearly, even though they probably don’t share your beliefs, and think you weird.

It would be doing yourself  no favour to try to remain with them in 3D, as the third dimension is no longer your  appropriate place. You have graduated from The School Of Life and have taken the first step into Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness. You have also withdrawn from the cycle of reincarnation and the wheel of karma, as these are no longer necessary to your spiritual evolution. This is “Ascension” and it is happening now because it is the end of this evolutionary period of many millenia. If you refuse to take this step now, it may mean that you will have to wait many thousands of years and many lives until the end of the next evolution, before the next opportunity is presented.

Those that have chosen to ascend to 5D have collectively initiated a new time line that will result in the creation of a new 5D Earth. Those that have chosen to remain in 3D have collectively chosen the time line that results in the continuation of the 3D Earth. These two time lines are gradually diverging from each other, and as the two time lines move further and further apart, it may soon be no longer possible to jump across to the 5D one.

Remember that it only seems uncaring to leave your 3D loved ones behind and take the step. They are like children who are still at school; they are not yet ready for the more advanced classes of `university’. That is why they don’t understand the language of 5D that you speak with your 5D siblings. It is like a harvest where the wheat is separated from the chaff, and you are the wheat. Love yourself enough to allow yourself to be harvested.

From “Father” via Rananda on 25th September 2012.

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Angel painting by Glenyss BourneFrom Sananda :- ” That aspect of your Soul that you identify as you carries only a fraction of the total energy of your Soul. Other aspects of your Soul can be incarnate in materiality, in the same time frame, overlapping time frames, or other time frames, on the Earth or other planets.

Sceptics say that it is impossible to live two lives in the same time frame, and use this as evidence that reincarnation is a fallacy; but they are living in a world of serial time. If it is accepted that there is no time; only an eternal “Now Moment”, and that Soul division is a fact; simultaneous lives in the same time frame become possible.

One may never meet that other aspect of one’s Soul that is living on the Earth in the same, or overlapping time frame; as the other Soul aspect may be living in a different country, speaking a different language, and working at a different life-purpose, to oneself.

This is not the same thing as “Twin Souls”, which are male and female aspects of the same Soul; like the two halves of the same Soul fragment. They have made a pre-birth contract to meet, and work together at a particularly important life-purpose, where their combined Soul Energy is needed.

The Collective Consciousness of all those other Souls in your Soul Group, who are living lives in various time frames in “The Now Moment”, plus those who are discarnate, comprises your “Higher Self”, and is the heavenly `back-up’ that you depend on for inner guidance, while you are living in apparent separation from it; incarnate on the Earth.

The purpose of all all of these Soul fragments is to accumulate experiences of the Material Plane; “good” or “bad”, for Spirit. Only in the world of duality; the 3D world, do such judgments as good and bad exist.

Spirit experiences the material plane by sending down `feelers’ or `sensors’ that are fragments of Itself; what we call “Souls”. We are like deep sea divers, in our material body `diving suits’.

In this way, Spirit comes to know Itself at the material level.

Truly, we are Spirit in material form.”

Channelled through Rananda on 10th August 2011.

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From Sananda :- ” After you have passed “The Gate To Christ Consciousness” at Higher Heart chakra, you are a fledgling Angel. You join the Angels because you have withdrawn from the cycle of reincarnation, as they have. After the end of this life, you will no longer take incarnation in materiality, except by special arrangement.

Angel painting by Glenyss Bourne

Angel of Eternal Light

You will be a 6D being, and in order to re-enter the cycle of reincarnation, you would have to take a step down in vibrational level to 5D; the highest level where you can remain in the cycle of rebirth. 6D is “The Master Plane”, home of the Ascended Masters and the Angels. You are now a Master and an Angel ! You have mastered materiality. The 3D world of time and space is no longer your appropriate place. If you pass The Gate before the end of this life, you are an “Earth Angel”.

After you have passed The Gate at Higher Heart chakra, your Angel wings begin to grow. These can be seen with clairvoyant vision. At first, you are a `child Angel’ with immature wings, but when you begin to open your Higher Throat and Higher Brow chakras, your wings begin to grow, and you become a `teenager Angel’, with partly developed wings.

As the Higher Throat and Higher Brow chakras begin to open, you begin to strengthen your connection to your Higher Self (Your personal aspect of Spirit). The opening of your Higher Brow chakra (At the back of your head at the top; Indigo and Gold) allows you to see in The Light Of Spirit, and the opening of your Higher Throat chakra (At the back of your neck at the base of your skull; Aquamarine and Gold) allows you to speak with The Voice Of Spirit. The combination of those two, enable you to become a channel for Spirit.

As your Angel wings develop, and you become a teenage Angel, The Light Of Spirit begins to shine from your eyes, and your face begins to radiate a subtle Light. People notice that there is something attractive about you and they like to be near you. They are aware of your higher vibrational energies on a subtle level.

Angel painting by Glenyss Bourne

Angel of Light – Lei Astra

After your Higher Throat and Higher Brow chakras have fully opened, your spiritual connection is complete; you are a fully fledged Angel with mature wings, and you make the connection to your Higher Crown chakra. This chakra is already open, and your Kundalini only has to break through at your Crown chakra, rise up, and connect to it. This chakra is not “The Soul Star”, or seat of the Soul; it is the seat of The Higher Self. The seat of The Soul is at your Higher Heart chakra.

As your Angel wings are growing to maturity, your Kundalini breaks through at your Crown chakra, and rises gradually up toward your Higher Crown; when it makes contact, you become one with your Higher Self, and you are a  fully fledged Angel. ”

Channelled through Rananda on 26th October 2010

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From Sananda :-  ” When I was incarnate in the material world as Yeshua (Jesus), I presented my life as a play that I acted out with the supporting cast of my fellow players. There were more than the twelve that are recorded; but only a few of them; my inner circle; knew that it was a play that I was presenting. A dramatized production is easy for people to remember, and it had to be remembered for a very long time; the two millenia of The Age Of Pisces.

Angel painting by Glenyss Bourne

Mary Magdalene

I had women disciples as well as men, but they have been sidelined in the version of my play that has been passed down the centuries through The Church Of Rome. The fathers of that church were steeped in the customs of The Jewish Temple, where women were not allowed to play any part in the religious ceremonies, and that tradition still exists to this day in The Church Of Rome. Even the woman who was my beloved wife and disciple, Mary Magdalen, is given only a minor role in the edited version of my play. My own character has also been sanitized, to present me as an eternally pure figure, who never knew a woman; and even the fact that I had parents myself has been changed to make it appear that I came into the world in some miraculous fashion.

It is little known today, but several of my inner circle were also Christ Conscious Souls, although they were not allocated the leading role to play as I was. A few of these have been presented as simple fishermen, when in fact they were great spiritual aspirants and were literate in several languages. The original six of my disciples were the disciples of John The Baptist when I came to him at the Jordan. John told them that it was I, not he, who was The Messiah, and they asked me if I would take them for my disciples. I agreed, but told them that it would be hard for them. Their erudite stature is evident because several of them recorded my play for posterity, and translated it into several languages.

The most difficult role in my play was played by one of my closest disciples; the one with the great strength of character necessary to carry it through; Judas Iscariot. Judas agreed to take that role of “the betrayer”, because of his great love for me. Because of it he has been reviled for two millenia, and even by those of his brother disciples who were not in the know.

In that play that I lived, my leading lady was my beloved wife, Mary Magdalene. She was my great support and my power base. I could not have performed the “miracles” that I did without her, and without the support of my inner circle of disciples, of which she was one.

My purpose, in my life as Yeshua, was to demonstrate the great possibilities of Christ Consciousness in service to others, and to inform those who aspired to do as I did, that it was possible for them to follow in my footsteps now that I had pioneered the way to Christhood.

Those highly evolved Souls who were my disciples and followers, have continued to reincarnate during the two thousand years since that time, bringing their love and wisdom into the hearts and minds of all who were receptive to them. They have been much persecuted along the way, but they have now returned to again take the stage to play their parts in the the second, and final act of my play :- “Act 2 – The Kingdom Of Heaven Comes”.

When I lived as Yeshua, I often spoke of “The Kingdom Of Heaven”; that kingdom is the level of awareness that you are Spirit, that is attained when your Sacred Heart has opened and you become at one with The Father; the state that you know as “Christ Consciousness”, or “Cosmic Consciousness”. You become an Aspect of The Christ, and have the power of The Christ and the authority to act as The Christ in the world of matter and in the higher dimensions of awareness.

Relatively few have attained to Christhood thus far, but their number is increasing daily under the guidance of those of my `players’ who have again taken the stage; and a time will come very soon now, when a trigger point will be reached, and all who aspire to it will ascend into Christhood. “The Kingdom Of Heaven” will have come. “

Channelled through Rananda on 2nd October 2010.

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From Sananda :–  “Angels are generally believed to be celestial beings who have never incarnated on the material plane, and never will. In a limited way this is true. In general, Angels are Souls who have passed “The Gate To Christ Consciousness”, at their Higher Heart, or Sacred Heart, chakra. They then withdraw from the cycle of reincarnation at the end of that life, and become Angels.

Archangel painting by Glenyss Bouene

Archangel Michael

After one becomes an Angel, one joins one of many groups of Angels who specialise in various fields, eg- healing; communication; protection, etc. The overall collective consciousness of each such group is an “Archangel”.

At the start of this current evolutionary period, many thousands of years ago, some sixth-dimensional (6D) Souls separated from Spirit, took a step back down to 5D level out of compassion for the spiritual aspirants in the new evolution, re-entered the cycle of reincarnation, and descended to Earth to help them evolve more quickly and smoothly to Christ Consciousness. Throughout the Ages they oiled the wheels of spiritual evolution. They were frequently persecuted as “Heretics”, so they learned discretion and became a secret army. They were the artists, musicians, scientists, explorers, priests, shamans, political innovators, and inventors; but as they had, in the previous evolutionary period, passed “The Gate”, they were also Earth Angels. These advanced spiritual beings are what Jesus called “The Elect Of God”, or in the Buddhist tradition are called “Boddhisatvas”, and they are still taking incarnation today, to bring their work of the Ages to completion in these “End Times”.

Spiritual art by Glenyss Bourne

The Sacred Heart of Love

During this evolutionary period, many Souls have evolved, through purification and opening their lower chakras, to the point of opening “The Gate”, at their Higher Heart chakra. Some are opening that `Gate’ and are becoming Angels, as they will, at the end of this life, cease to reincarnate. These too are “Earth Angels”, and their number is rapidly growing. It is they who will trigger “The Shift” into collective Christ Consciousness when there are enough of them, so it is vital for all who are at this level, to pass The Gate and radiate their Christ Light into “The Christ Grid” that now envelopes the Mother Earth, and complete the work of many Ages.”

I am Sananda.

Channelled through Rananda on the 2nd September 2010.

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