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Your Higher Self is the Collective Consciousness of all of your other life Soul Aspects and you are a Soul Aspect within that Collective Consciousness that is your Higher Self.  When you “Ascend”, that Soul Aspect that is you, re-blends within your Higher Self, and you identify within that Higher Self in the higher dimension where your Higher SeArt ~ Freydoon Rassouli (Spirit of Love) pinterestlf lives.  It is as if you have been working on voluntary detached duty from your Higher Self, and your re-ascension marks your reintegration and return “Home”.

Your Higher Self is a member of a Star Family, and may work in one of the great mothercraft of the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL) and have a home in the higher dimension of another planet. These ships and planets exist in the higher dimensions of 5 or 6D.

Some say that your Higher Self is your “I AM Presence”, but your Higher Self also has a Higher Self that is part of your I AM Presence; and that Higher Self has an even greater Higher Self, and so on all the way back to The Godhead.

Your Higher Self has a Name, and your Higher Self’s Higher Self does too, but the even greater Higher Selves are nameless and formless Beings Of Energy; all part of your Great I AM Presence;- “I AM THAT I AM”. —

Lord Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Commander Zanna on 22nd July 2015.

Love and Light from Rananda. —


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There is much confusion regarding the ascension of the physical body.

One is not going to ascend in one’s physical body, but the cells of the physical body are going to rise, gradually, in vibrational frequency, until the moment when the Soul finally vacates that body.

If,by that time, the frequency of the physical cells has risen high enough, they will make a “quantum leap” in frequency, into the 5D frequency band, and that physical body will disappear from 3D gaze.

       The cells of the physical body will be transmuted in this way, to form the 5D Light Body of the ascended Soul Aspect, within the collective consciousness that is it’s Higher Self.

Meanwhile; the Soul that had occupied that physical vehicle, will also be rising in vibrational frequency, and ascending, via 4D, until it ensouls it’s 5D Light Body, within the collective consciousness of it’s Higher Self.

After that point, the ascended Soul Aspect is able  to act out, independently of it’s Higher Self, and may appear to people on the Earth, in it’s Light Body, as beloved Yeshua did.


Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

In “The Empty Tomb” scenario, Mary Magdalene goes early in the morning and finds the tomb where Yeshua’s body was laid, empty , and containing only the grave clothes. She calls John and Peter; telling them that someone has taken her Lord away; she knows not where. John and Peter come and also witness the empty tomb, then depart, leaving the weeping Mary outside of the tomb. Mary looks into the tomb and sees two Angels in White, one at the head, and the other at the foot of where Yeshua’s body had lain. They ask Mary why she is weeping. Then, looking outside the tomb, she sees a man standing nearby, whom she at first takes for the gardener. The man also asks her why she is weeping, and she tells him;- “They have taken away my Lord”.— Then he says to her;- “Mary”— and she recognizes him as Yeshua, and says;- “Master”— He says to her;- “Touch me not for I am not yet ascended to my Father.”— In this statement, he is telling Mary that he is in a state of transition during his ascension. He has so far ascended only as far as 4D (The Astral) and Mary being very close to him emotionally, is able to `see’ him in his Astral body through her Third Eye. He advises her not to touch him as that would pull down his ascending frequency. The “Father” that he tells her that he is ascending to, is his Higher Self; his “Father in Heaven”; (5D) Lord Sananda Kumara.




Later that day, in the evening, Yeshua appears to his disciples in his 5D Light Body; and later again, to other friends. He is now a fully ascended Light Being, and is capable of action independent of his Higher Self, but can also remain reblended with his Higher Self if he so chooses.

In these days, many of the “First Wave Wayshowers” are in the process of “ascension”, but the process is different in some ways from the acension undergone by Yeshua.

An ascendent wayshower who has been working on the Earth as GFL “Ground Crew” for many thousands of years, will be allocated a walk-in Soul, so that he / she can return to the ships of the GFL, after reblending with his / her Higher Self.

As the vibrational frequency of the incarnate Soul gradually rises, it reaches a point where it’s frequency is close enough to that of the Higher Self, for the Higher Self to reblend  with it, and ensoul the physical body, in company with the walk-in Soul. The walk in Soul then acts as a channel for the Higher Self on the Earth.

Later, when the time is right, the reblended Higher Self shifts His / Her focus of awareness, from the 3D Earth to the 5D ships. Meanwhile the walk-in Soul continues to ensoul the physical body on the Earth, and continues the work of the former occupant. Friends and family of the ascended Soul Aspect may notice a personality change at this point, as it is the personality of the walk-in  Soul that is now expressed through that physical body.

When the walk-in Soul eventually withdraws from the physical form, and that form “dies”, the cells of that physical body will make the quantum leap to the 5D frequency band, as in the case of Yeshua, and that physical form will disappear from 3D gaze. That physical form, transmuted now to 5D, will become the 5D Light Body of the ascended Soul Aspect within the Higher Self. That Soul Aspect, in it’s 5D Light Body, will now become capable of action, independently  of it’s Higher Self, and, as in the case of Yeshua, may appear to friends and family members upon the Earth in it’s Light Body. Indeed, that Soul Aspect has now become a separate  Light Being from it’s Higher Self; although still an Aspect of the Great Light Being that is it’s Higher Self. It can exist within and without the Higher Self in the same moment.

I, Rananda Kumara, was greatly honored to walk with Yeshua, in my Soul Asect of John The Beloved Disciple, and to be the second, after Mary Magdalene, to witness his empty tomb. At the end of that life, I ascended as my Master did before me, and now, as John, have an existence as a Light Being, independent from Rananda Kumara. Since that time frame, I have ascended in that way in at least three other lives, and they too are independent Light Beings.


Lord Sananda Kumara and Lord Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 8th September 2014.


Love and Light from Rananda.

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When one is still a seeker  one asks many questions, because one is in the Mind.


Spiritual painting by Glenyss Bourne

Sacred Heart of Love by Glenyss Bourne

One is constructing, and filling in the blanks, in a great `jigsaw-puzzle’ entitled;- “The Meaning Of Life; The Universe And All That”. — While one is thus engaged one does not realize that this puzzle has an infinite  number of pieces, and will never be complete.

When one’s Higher Heart opens, one becomes a finder , and one moves out of the Mind, and into the Heart. One stops asking questions all the time, and working on the great puzzle, because one knows that, through the Heart, one is connected to the guidance of one’s Higher Self. This guidance will always be timely and for one’s highest good. One receives all the answers from within when needed, and `the great jigsaw-puzzle’ becomes obsolete.

The Higher Heart is opened through unconditional love and compassion for all Souls, everywhere, and is the first step into Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness; and eventually, reblending with one’s Higher Self.

Rananda Kumara on 21st January 2014.

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Angelic art by Glenyss BourneAs one’s vibrational frequency rises from that of 3D toward that of 5D during the process of ascension, one is able to blend with one’s Higher Self for short periods, more and more frequently. This is enabled by one’s progressive release of dark, or negative, low frequency energies. When one’s vibrational frequency reaches that of 5D, one’s Higher Self is able to tolerate one’s presence within Him/Her, permanently. 

The following exercise, which is designed to accustom one to the feeling of fully ensouling one’s Higher Self, was given to me, Rananda, by Lord Krishna when He stepped into my co-channel, Trillia Gia :-  If you have a walk-in, ask him/her to please step out temporarily, from your physical body, and stand close behind you. Then manifest a ring of White Light around your feet; raise that ring upward, as a tube of White Light, all around your physical body, and upward again, to enclose the Light Body of your Higher Self, in the ship.

Then ask your Higher Self to please descend through the tube of Light and into your Crown chakra. Feel the `tingle’ in your Crown when He/She arrives there. Then visualise opening wide your Pineal Gland, in the centre of your Brain, and ask your Higher Self to descend throughout your physical body, all the way down to your toes; while saying;- “I allow;- I allow”. Feel the `tingle’ extending throughout your physical body, all the way down to your toes.

Remain like that for a few minutes, while enjoying the feeling of the complete ensoulment of your Higher Self in the physical, then ask Him/Her to re-ascend back up into your Crown chakra.

Then ask your walk-in to please step back into your physical body; see him or her doing that, and then ask your Higher Self to re-ascend to His/Her position in the ship.

Then visualise collapsing the tube of Light down again, to become the circle of Light around your feet. Do this exercise daily.

“Father” (My Higher Self) and Lord Krishna, via Rananda Kumara and Trillia Gia Kavioush.

Love and Light from Rananda and Trillia.

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Angel Painting by Glenyss BourneThe Higher Self cannot descend whole, and ensoul a 3D physical body, as a 3D body cannot sustain the great Soul Energy of the complete Higher Self, which is the collective consciousness of all of one’s other life Soul Aspects. That is why we normally ensoul only a small fragment of the complete Soul Energy of our Higher Self in our 3D physical form when we take incarnation.

However, as the cells of our physical body rise in frequency with our “ascension” from 3D to 4D to 5D vibrational frequency, it becomes capable of sustaining more and more of the Soul Energy of our Higher Self, and when it reaches 5D vibrational frequency, it is able to sustain the whole Soul Energy of the Higher Self.

Until that point is reached, one can reblend only temporarily with one’s Higher Self, but for longer periods as the vibrational frequency of one’s physical body rises toward 5D.


Lord Krishna via Rananda Kumara on 13th October 2013.

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The Divine Mother by Rananda

The Divine Mother by Rananda

On 21st March 1923, Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi was born upon the Earth. She grew up in India, and when she was a teenager, she became a pupil of Mahatma Gandhi at his ashram, and fought the passive fight along with him to free India from British rule.

Her life purpose was to bring mass enlightenment to the world, and she worked from about 1970 in India, and gathered a small group of followers about her.

In the mid 1970s she came to the UK with her husband, who was a diplomat in the UN. There she began to collect a group of British followers and established an ashram in London.

She worked on her followers; awakening their Kundalini, opening their chakras and raising their Kundalini up through the open chakras until it broke through at the Crown chakra, and they became “Enlightened” or “Self Realised” Souls.

Sri Mataji taught them how to feel and clear their own chakras and raise their Kundalini with their hands; how to balance their left and right side energies, and how; after their own enlightenment, to confer enlightenment upon others, by feeling their chakras and opening them, and raising their Kundalini up through them until it penetrated their Crown chakra.

After the Crown chakra had opened, they were able to feel the state of the chakras in anyone, anywhere in the world, even if they were deceased, simply by putting their attention on them, because they were connected to them through the Kundalini. They could also feel the vibrations of people through their creations, by putting their hands toward their paintings, writings, etc.

Sri Mataji held public meetings in London and other British cities, and also toured abroad with her retinue of enlightened followers. The system of yoga that she founded she named “Sahaja Yoga” (The inborn system of union), and her followers were called Sahaja Yogis. She told them; “You must enlighten others, as a candle flame can enlighten other candles, so that a wave of enlightenment will spread around the world. Eventually a point will be reached when an avalanche will happen, and everyone will get it.”

Her followers continued to enlighten others worldwide, and they, others again, and The Light spread around the world, until, in 1995 the avalanche, or “Hundredth Monkey” point was reached. It was heralded by a miracle. In August of that year, stone idols of the Hindu deities, in the temples in India, started taking milk that was offered to them on a spoon by the temple priests. Some of the Indians told their relatives in the UK about this miracle, and it was found to work with the idols in the Temples in Britain too.

In the UK it was even featured on national TV and a temple priest was shown tipping large tablespoonfuls of milk into the mouth of a large stone idol. In India a holy man was asked; “What does it mean ?” He replied; “Something great is about to happen.” A scientist was also asked if he could explain it, and he said; “Well, some stone is quite absorbant.” However, this was happening with idols made from many different varieties of stone, and the idols were taking large spoonfuls of milk in quick succession.

My wife and Twin Flame, Enid, and I who were Sahaja Yogis, thought that the “something great” that was going to happen, that the holy man spoke of, would probably happen at the next major Hindu festival, which was Divali, in a couple of months after that time.

When the Divali festival began in October 1995, there was a huge jump in the vibrational frequency of Mother Earth, and our Crown chakras were `buzzing’ for several weeks afterward. We realised that this was the “avalanche” that Sri Mataji had predicted. At that time, she was heard to say; “My work is done”.

Everyone in the world was now nominally an enlightened Soul. Their Kundalini, which is rope-like with strands, had broken through at their Crown chakras. However, in the vast majority of people in the world, who carried on with their negative life style, their chakras quickly became constricted again, and their Kundalini dropped back down, all but one strand, which remained, and gave them the possibility of more easily regaining enlightenment in the future, when they had mended their negative ways and re-opened  their constricted chakras.

The minority who were leading a positive lifestyle, and whose chakras were mostly open, were now enlightened Souls who had the ability to feel their own chakras and those of others, and keep them clear.

After the Crown chakra had opened, the next step was to open their Higher Heart chakra; which is The Gate To Christ Consciousness, and fifth dimensional awareness.

Sri Mataji predicted that the yoga that would follow Sahaja Yoga would be Andar Yoga, which is the yoga of connecting with your Higher Self; your personal aspect of Spirit. Those who have passed The Gate at Higher Heart are now working with this yoga, which is the yoga of opening your higher chakras; – Higher Heart; Fourth Eye; Higher Throat, and finally uniting with your Higher Self at Higher Crown chakra. It is my life purpose to teach this yoga.

Love and Light from Rananda on 27th June 2012.

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Angel image by Glenyss BourneWhen you have opened, and are working with, the three Higher Chakras; – Higher Heart; – Fourth Eye and Higher Throat; your Soul ascends into union with your Higher Self at Higher Crown chakra; a hand’s length above your Crown, which is His seat.

This chakra is a radiant star of brilliant Golden and Violet Light and is already open for your Kundalini to make Her connection.

Your Higher Self is the collective consciousness of all of your other-life Soul aspects; and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

At this point you have become a Master Soul; a fully Christ Conscious Being and a fully-fledged Angel (Your Angel wings that began to grow when your Higher Heart chakra opened, have now grown to maturity.

Before, you used to “channel” your Higher Self;- now you have become your Higher Self;- and you act out in the material world as an Aspect Of The Christ Energy. This is the realisation of Sananda’s statement, during His life as Jesus :- “These things that I do you shall do also;- and greater things shall you do.”

Affirmation for Higher Crown chakra :- “I am (Christ name or Sacred Name); Great Golden Angel Of Light; Eternal Being; in Whom I identify:- I AM.”

Sananda via Rananda on 28th April 2012.

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