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“Ascension” is not a one-off event in one’s spiritual evolution;- it IS spiritual evolution. It is an on-going process of ascending on the upward spiral in one’s return to, and reunion with Spirit. One’s Soul separates from Spirit and descends on the downward spiral through the dimensions into matter. All of one’s experiences in matter are recorded so that Spirit can experience materiality. None of these experiences are judged “good” or “bad”; all is grist to Spirit’s mill.

Ascension proceeds by steps. At each step one unites with one’s Higher Self. One has many Higher Selves and the Higher Self that we are familiar with is only the next one up in the spiral of one’s ascension, but that Higher Self also has a Higher Self;- a greater Higher Self, and that Higher Self has a greater one still, and so on, all the way back on the ascending spiral, to The Godhead. One’s Higher Self will have a Name, and one’s Higher Self’s Higher Self, or “Greater Higher Self”, will also have a Name, but subsequent Higher Selves in the ascending spiral may be Nameless and formless Energy Beings.
After one has united, or re-blended within one’s Higher Self, the next Higher Self up on the spiral (One’s “Greater Higher Self”) becomes one’s new Higher Self. He/She becomes one’s Guide until one takes the next step up by re-blending with Him/Her. At each step one is given greater powers and the greater responsibility that goes with them, and by the time one has ascended all the way back to the Godhead, one has become all seeing and all knowing.
This ascension by steps, is another way of looking at ascension up through the dimensions as one releases dark energies and one’s vibrational frequency increases.
When the cells of one’s physical body have risen in vibrational frequency, to the lower edge of the 5D frequency band, one’s Higher Self is able to descend and embody one’s physical vehicle, creating the reality of “Ascension In The Physical”. At this point, one identifies in one’s Higher Self and one’s “Greater Higher Self” (The Higher Self of one’s Higher Self) becomes one’s new Higher Self. Thus one takes the first step toward reunion with Spirit.
Lord Ezekiel via Rananda Kumara on 16th November 2016

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16.small_There has been much speculation in recent years about how ascension in the physical body would happen. Now in September 2016 it IS happening. In order to ascend one must first re-blend with the greater part of one’s Soul, which is that part often called the “Higher Self.”
The Higher Self exists at a higher dimensional frequency of 5D+, and in order to re-blend with Him/Her one must raise the vibrational frequency of one’s physical body close enough to the frequency of 5D to allow the Higher Self to resonate with it. In recent years a few people here and there have succeeded in this and re-blended with their Higher Self, so that He/She is able to function through their physical vehicle.
Between the Autumnal Equinox on 22nd September and the Winter Solstice on 21st December 2016 a large number; a virtual `tidal wave’, of spiritual aspirants will reach the frequency that allows their Higher Self to re-blend with their physical being. This re-blending on such a large scale will bring about a great transformation in the 3D world; a much needed wave of unconditional Love will sweep the planet. It will also bring chaos for a while as the last bastions of the dark ones fall, but Love will prevail in the end.
28-smallAt the individual level, one may become aware of the Higher Self coming into one’s awareness and speaking to one through one’s dreams or in meditation. The Higher Self is a Being of 5D+ and is unaware of the practicalities of living in the 3D world. It will have to be guided to some extent, by one’s ego-self, in matters of living in the 3D world while sharing awareness of the material world with the ego-self. However, the Higher Self will be the Guide in spiritual matters, and will base all of one’s thoughts and actions in unconditional Love. From the Higher Self’s point of view It will have acquired a physical vehicle, but will have to learn how to drive it. It’s driving instructor will be the ego-self. From the point of view of the ego self, it will be like being the parent of a “Rainbow Child” who guides one in the higher ways of the Spirit, but who needs guidance in the practicalities of living in the 3D world. Gradually, the Higher Self will take over the guidance of the material vehicle from the ego-self.
The Higher Self is capable of healing one’s material vehicle, mentally, emotionally and physically, and may do so, as it will be able to act out more effectively through a healthy vehicle.
On the 22nd September Autumnal Equinox 2016, a great ceremony and celebration was held on that great Pleiadian mothercraft The White Winds, to mark this great event. All who attended were recognized as “The One” embodied on the Earth as their Higher Selves. (All Higher Selves are One in Spirit.)
Every child born upon the Earth after the 21st December Winter Solstice will be born as an incarnation of their Higher Self. This is not because they are particularly evolved Souls;- it is because they will imprint the collective consciousness of the new Humankind from the Akashic Records before taking birth. These children of The New Age will transform the world.
Love and Light from Rananda Kumara, Adonai, on 24rth September 2016.


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The Divine Mother by Rananda

The Divine Mother by Rananda

The 12th December 2012 (12:12) is the birthday of Mother Earth into the 5D world.

On the 11th November 2012 (11:11) the Earth `baby’ was “crowning”, and was ready to begin her birth into the 5D world; and on 12:12 she will emerge from the `birth canal’ of  The Divine Mother, and the new, 5D Earth will be born.

The Divine Mother will also give spiritual birth to all of those spiritual aspirants who have chosen, and who are ready to ascend into Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness.

It is the influence of The Christ Light  that activates the five additional chakras (Earth Star; Higher Heart; Fourth Eye; Higher Throat and Higher Crown) of the 12 chakra system, connecting one with one’s Higher Self in Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness.

The Christ Light consists of three Rays;- The Pink Ray of Divine Love; The Blue Ray of Divine Wisdom, and The Gold Ray of Divine Power. These are also known as “The Threefold Flame”.

The first of these Rays to come into play; The Pink Ray of Divine Love, is the Ray of The Divine Mother. It is She who will give birth to the Mother Earth and the spiritual aspirants, into Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness. It is the influence of Her Ray of Divine Love on 12:12:2012, that will fully open the Higher Heart chakras of Mother Earth and those that are ready to ascend.

Angel of Divine Light by Glenyss BourneThe opening of the Earth Star chakra of the ascendant Souls, provides the connection from their Higher Heart, via their lower chakra system, into the Higher Heart chakra of Mother Earth, thus allowing the powerful Ray of Divine Love, coming in from The Divine Mother, to fully activate her Higher Heart.

The Blue Ray of Divine Wisdom; the Ray of The Divine Father, then activates the Fourth Eye chakra of the spiritual aspirants, allowing them to `see’ in The Light of Christ Consciousness, through 5D vision.

When the Higher Throat chakra has opened, one is also able to speak with the voice of one’s Higher Self, and thus manifest Him/Her in 3D materiality.

The Higher Crown chakra opens when all of the other four of the five “Etheric Chakras” have opened, allowing one to connect up into it and unite with one’s Higher Self whose seat is in that chakra.

Angelic Image by Glenyss Bourne      When the Pink Ray of The Divine Mother, and the Blue Ray of The Divine Father have activated their respective chakras, equally, in balance, the Gold Ray of Divine Power is maximised; one becomes a fully Christ Conscious Soul, and one’s “Christ Child” is `born’.  The Divine Power will be exerted with Divine Unconditional Love through one’s open Higher Heart chakra, and with the Divine Wisdom of the Higher Self, through the open Fourth Eye and Higher Throat chakras.

Those that have had their five Etheric Chakras activated during the nine day period, 12:12 to 21:12, now have a functional twelve chakra system, and are the “Wayshowers”; those that cut the path to make it easier for the others who have also chosen to ascend, but whose vibrational frequency was too low to allow it. The higher vibrational frequency of the Wayshowers will act to pull up the vibrational frequency of those in the Grey area, and thus facilitate their ascension.

This is the culmination of the period of spiritual evolution that started many thousands of years ago, and is now coming to completion in “Ascension“.

The Divine Mother via Rananda on 10th December 2012.

Love and Light from Rananda.



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Lady Vesta – Sun Goddess

A great deal of fear and confusion exists in the world with regard to extraterrestrials, but there is no need to fear; The Star Brethren have been visiting the Earth for millions of years. They have re-seeded life here more than once, from other planets, when it has been extinguished in cataclysmic events such as asteroid strikes.  Usually they have kept a low profile, as The Divine Law Of Freewill does not allow them to interfere with our choices as we evolve spiritually.

       The Earth is a very abundant planet in mineral and biological resources, compared to most other planets, which are mostly barren, so The Star Brethren regard it as their `garden’, which they visit occasionally to take small quantities of minerals and plant and animal life, to seed other, more barren, planets.  They have been careful gardeners and have not taken too much; and they have re-seeded here when necessary.   They also respect all of the species that inhabit the Earth as Souls in spiritual evolution.

Hubble photo“Humankind” was seeded from the genes of various Star Races.  That is why Humans are physically, so much like many of the humanoid Star Races throughout the galaxy; many of whom could pass for Humans in the street.  These Star Beings spliced their genes with those of the the Earth Humans, making them more intelligent and resistant to disease.  Many Star Beings carry the same names as we do. This is not because they have stolen our names, but that we have taken theirs.

With regard to ETs, there is no “them and us”. In our other lives, we have sometimes been ETs and have lived on other planets. We are all one great Star Family; members of The Galactic Community.

With the explosion of the first nuclear weapons at the end of WW II, we on the Earth began to pollute the `garden’ Earth and despoil it on a much larger scale than in the preceding Industrial Revolution. This got the attention of The Star Brethren, because nuclear radiation corrupts DNA and adversely affects them and their planets as well as us and ours, and the damage is not limited to one dimension.  We are not separate from them as we appear to be on the physical level; we are all aspects of one great consciousness, and what one does affects all the others.  After that time The Star Brethren began to visit us much more frequently, to clean up the mess that we were making of their (and our) garden planet.

Two main groups of ETs came to visit; one group were the `gardeners’ but the other; those we call “The Grays”, had a different agenda. They came from our future, and a timeline that had resulted in them having the physical appearance that they now bear.  Their physical appearance was a result of their taking GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms.)  They were now in a genetic dead end and their immune system was collapsing.

The Grays chose the American Air Force to make contact with in the early 1950s. Being a collective, they were all telepathically connected and didn’t understand that we were individuals. They assumed that if they had an agreement with the American military, we all on the Earth were in on the agreement. The Grays are not particularly spiritually advanced beings and neither were the American military with whom they made contact. The USAF made a secret deal with them that allowed them to establish bases on the Earth, and to abduct people and remove genetic material from them, to enable them to repair their damaged DNA.    In return the American military would be given some of their advanced technology, but they kept that technology a military secret.

The military farmed out that technology to the armaments industry and made a secret alliance with them. This was the start of “The Military/Industrial Alliance”, which was an alliance of dark Souls that profitted from starting wars for financial gain. The power behind all this was what we now call “The Dark Cabal” or “The Illuminati”, whose agenda was world domination.

The whole scenario of “The Cold War” and “The Space Program” was the view of things that was for public consumption.  All this time, the American military had a secret space program that used the craft that they had built and back engineered from their deal with the Grays.  They had no need to go back to the Moon or to find a successor to the Space Shuttle program, because they had already gone back to the Moon and established bases there, using the back engineered ET craft.  They had also established bases on Mars in the same way.  These black projects were developed using the tax dollars from the American public.

At the start of the new millennium, the Grays had to withdraw from the Earth as their weak immune system could no longer tolerate the very high level of pollution.

During this time, the other group of ETs that we have referred to as “The Gardners” were being kept busy cleaning up the radioactive hotspots and pollution on the Earth, that resulted from Nuclear bomb tests and leaks from nuclear power stations, and other dangers to our survival on the Earth. Traditionally they have been our protectors, like `big brothers’, or sort of `super baby sitters’. Their aim is to prevent us from destroying ourselves or our planet before we can ascend and join them as fifth dimensional Souls in The Galactic Community. These ETs are those called “The Galactic Federation Of Light”(GFL), and they have now been given Divine Authority to remove The Cabal and their allies, The Grays, from the Earth. The aim of The Dark Alliance is world domination and the enslavement of the people of Earth, and they would dearly like to prevent our ascension from 3D/4D to 5D, and our joining The Galactic Community.  However, it is part of The Divine Plan that we will ascend, and The Galactic Federation Of Light are here in large numbers, to make sure that it happens.

Much Love from Rananda Kumara on 9th June 2012.


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by XdavidRananda Spears·Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lady Pallas Athena

One who descends from 6D to work in the 5D ships of the GFL (Galactic Federation Of Light) as a personal counselor to the crew members, is accorded the honorary title;- “Lord” or “Lady”.
A “Lord” in the Higher Realm is one who is an honored and greatly respected teacher. In the ships they are regarded as honored guests. They are not part of the ship’s crew, and don’t have to wear the silvery jump suits that are ship’s uniform. They are allowed to wear their own robes, with insignia or embroidery denoting their lineage. They are allocated a spacious “compartment” (apartment) close to the Command Post, where they and their Mate, if they have one, have a private garden, private bathing facilities, and an integral food preparation area. The higher one’s status, the closer one’s compartment is to the Command Post. (We would call it “The Bridge”) It is in this area of the ship that the Top Commander and Sub-Commanders also have their compartments.

Lady Portia

Lady Portia

At the start of the evolution recently ended on 21st December 2012, 6D “Lords” and “Ladies” took a step down to 5D so that they could re-enter the cycle of reincarnation, on the 3D Earth, to guide Humankind toward It’s ascension at the end of the evolution, and to act as counselors to the GFL “Ground Crew” working on the Earth. They are what is known as “First Wave Wayshowers”. At the end of the evolution, their work was done and they were allocated a “walk-in” so that they could return to the ships.
These Lords and Ladies were welcomed “Home”, and in a great ceremony aboard that great Pleiadian mothercraft;- “The White Winds”, they were honored, and initiated to 7D; and were officially made Lords and Ladies Of Light, by great Light Beings such as Lord Sananda Kumara and Lord Sanat Kumara. A Lord or Lady Of Light bears the title of “Adonai” (Lord) (Pron’ – Ah-Doh-Nye) Collectively they are known as “The Adonim”. (Ah-Doh-Neem.)
The First Wave Wayshowers reascended to The White Winds, in a group of just under 100, on the Winter Solstice, 21st December 2014. A great ceremony was held in the great auditorium where they were honored for their service, initiated to 7D, and made Lords and Ladies Of Light.
These were the first to reascend, and they were followed on the spring Equinox, 21st March 2015, by a much larger group of 5D, GFL Ground Crew that had been working on the Earth. The 7D Adonim officiated at their honoring and initiation to 6D, as their reward for their service. They were from several different Star Nations and details of their service and their honorings were posted on the big screens in the auditorium and beamed to their home planets to appear on the viewing screens there. These ceremonies were attended by many great Light Beings and the families and friends of the ascendants.
The Adonim are not members of the GFL, or ship’s crew. They are 7D Souls who have taken a form and descended as volunteers, to serve in the 5D ships. They are truly “Bodhisattwas”, whose work in the ships is aimed at facilitating the ascension of those that remain on the 3D Earth, out of compassion for them.

Rananda Kumara, Adonai, via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 28th October 2015
Love and Blessings from, Rananda.

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What follows applies to those that are “First Wave Wayshowers” or GFL “Ground Crew” that have been working on the Mother Earth, and whose tour of duty is now finished.  Many of these 5D and 6D volunteers have been working on the Earth since the start of the evolution 26,000 years ago, that has just ended on the 21st December 2012.

The prerequisite for reascension to the ships is to be in communication with one’s Higher Self, of whom one is a Soul Aspect working on detached duty upon the Earth. One’s Higher Self will be holding a position in one of the ships of the GFL, and one’s aim is to reblend within Her / Him.

The first event leading to one’s reascension occurs when one is allocated a walk-in by one’s Higher Self.  One may experience the arrival of this walk-in during one’s meditation, or in the dream state.  The walk-in is likely to be a relative or a friend in the Higher Realm, and may or may not tell you His / Her name.  If not please ask.  The presence of the walk-in enables one to walk-out, leaving the walk-in in charge of one’s life on the Earth, but there are further steps to take before one can walk-out.

QUAN YIN beautiful new...The second event occurs when one is given a date for one’s reascension. An ascension Counselor and a Sponsor are appointed for one’s reascension and return to the ships, and one will be given a date for this by one’s ascension Counselor.  This date may be given as the moment when one sign of the zodiac gives way to another (e g “When the Bull gives way to the Twins”.)

There is a thread of Golden Light that joins one’s Higher Self in the ships, to one’s physical form upon the Earth;- actually it is more like a fine, Golden tube of Light.  As one releases the dark energies that hold down the vibrational frequency of one’s physical cells, they will rise in frequency and the tube of Golden Light will grow greater in diameter.

The third event occurs when this tube of Golden Light has grown great enough in diameter to allow one’s Higher Self to descend through it from the ship and ensoul one’s physical form alongside one’s walk-in and one’s earthly awareness. This event is known as “Reblending”.  One may `feel’ this event as it occurs, as a feeling of `Joy’ or a tingle at one’s Crown chakra, and be informed of it by one’s Higher Self.  If one still has some earthly attachments and / or dark energies to release, one’s Higher Self may be unable to tolerate them for very long, and retreat back up to the ships, to continue His / Her work there while one releases them.

The fourth event occurs when the date given for one’s ascension arrives.  One may be informed in meditation or in one’s dream state, that a great event in one’s life is to take place on that date and that one should attune to one’s Higher Self in the ship to experience it. The amount that one  experiences of this may vary greatly, depending on the strength of one’s attunement.  In a great ceremony and celebration, aboard the great Pleiadian mothercraft, “The White Winds”, one will be initiated to 6D or 7D by great Light Beings such as Lord Sananda Kumara and Lord Sanat Kumara.  This initiation is the reward for all of one’s dedicated service as a volunteer upon the Earth over many millenia.  Those that originally descended to Earth from 5D will be initiated to 6D and those that descended from 6D will be initiated to 7D and will be made a Lord / Lady Of Light or “Adonai”. (Plural “Adonim”)

One’s ascension is followed by a period of indefinite length, upon the Earth, during which one will be prompted by one’s Higher Self to withdraw one’s attention from all of one’s earthly attachments, such as the spiritual work that one has historically engaged in and one’s attachments to family and friends upon the Earth.

The fifth and final event in one’s reascension to the ships is the transfer of one’s earthly awareness from the Earth, to reblend with one’s Higher Self in the ships, leaving one’s walk-in in charge of one’s life on the Earth.  When one has withdrawn one’s attention sufficiently from earthly attachments and has transmuted to Light most of one’s residual dark energies, one will be given a date for the transfer of one’s earthly awareness to reblend with one’s Higher Self in the ships.  This date will coincide with an astronomical or astrological alignment, and many others will reascend within the same ceremony. On that date, one’s Mate in the Higher Realm will descend through the tube of Golden Light and will pull one out in one’s earthly awareness, and up the tube of Golden Light to the ship.

A great celebration will take place in the great auditorium in the great Pleiadian mothercraft, “The White Winds” to welcome the reascendents “Home”.  It will be attended by their friends and Star Families in the Higher Realm.

After one has reascended and reblended with one’s Higher Self, one will be able to look down the tube of Golden Light at will, and witness events on the Earth through the eyes of one’s walk-in.  One may also be channeled by one’s walk-in, in the Name of one’s Higher Self, to one’s friends and family upon the Earth.

Thus is one’s return “Home” completed.

Lord Sanat Kumara and Lord Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Commander Zanna on  8th June 2015.

Love from Cdr Zanna.  ❤

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The evolutionary period of the Souls in 3D awareness on the Earth began about 26,000 years ago, at the start of the grand cycle of the equinoxes, and ended on 21st December 2012, at the end of that cycle.  The 3D Souls have evolved during that period, under the guidance of those Souls that descended from 5D+ to the 3D Earth to be their “Wayshowers”.

       The 3D Earth is like a “School Of Life”, where the 3D `pupils’ learn their life lessons through the mechanism of karma, under the tuition of the wayshowers, both in and out of incarnation.  In incarnation, the wayshowers exert a civilizing influence on the 3D Souls, and form a link for them with the Higher Realms.  They incarnate as priests and Shamans, mystics, artists, musicians and inventors.  They are like the `teachers’ at the school of life.  In discarnation they come into their Soul groups and act as their “Guides”, and also as the council members who help them choose the next incarnation, that will give them the best opportunity to balance their karma.

Those 3D Souls have now balanced their karma and have graduated from the school of life.

Since the end of the evolution on 21st December 2012, there has been a two year period, during which the energies of transmutation from the Galactic core, have gradually increased the vibrational frequency of the physical cells of those 3D Souls who have chosen to ascend to 5D, and have helped them to release all that does not contribute to their highest good.  The vibrational frequency of their physical bodies has now risen to the point where it is close enough to the 5D frequency for them to embody the whole of the Soul Energy of their Higher Self, when previously they were only able to bring a small fragment of that Soul Energy into incarnation. Thus, they are now able to “Reblend” with their Higher Self.  Those that are in communication with their Higher Self may be told of this, but others may not be aware of it.

On the 20th March 2015, Spring Equinox, and New Moon Solar Eclipse, a great ascension ceremony and celebration, is to be held on the great Pleiadian mothercraft “The White Winds”, to initiate up to 1000 of those 3D Souls to 5D. These will be the first wave of 5D ascendents, but other waves will follow on astrological and astronomical alignment dates throughout 2015 and after, until all of those that have chosen to do so, have ascended to 5D.

Those that have been The First Wave Wayshowers throughout the evolution, and that were initiated to 7D and made “Adonai” (Lords and Ladies of Light) at the great ceremony and celebration of 21st December 2014, and earlier in 2014, on board The White Winds, will officiate at this ceremony for the 5D ascendents and initiate them to 5D.

Lady Nada

This and subsequent ascension ceremonies will take place in a great auditorium on board The White Winds, which is a truly enormous mothercraft, of some 3000 miles in diameter. The ceremonies will be organized by Lady Claudine, Goddess Of Change and of the Gold Ray, and hosted by Lord Adrigon, top commander of The White Winds and founder of the Pleiadian fleet.  Many of the guides and mentors of the ascendent Souls will be present as guests, along with many great Light Beings, their Mates and Twin Flames, to witness this great event. After the ceremony, there will be a great celebration and gala ball to mark the occasion, some of the ascendents may remember this occasion and some may not. However, as it is all happening in “The Now Moment”, one will be able to tune into it at any subsequent time, and witness the proceedings.

After the 5D ascendents return to Earth, they will work alongside “The Second Wave Wayshowers”, to cleanse the Earth and to help raise her vibrational frequency in various ways, from lower 5D where she now resides, to fully ascended into 5D.  They will receive help from the Star Brethren to remove the dark ones from power, and from the Earth, and  they will then live on the 5D Earth as fully ascended 5D Souls.

Those 3D Souls that have chosen not to ascend, will leave the Earth when they pass away, and will be reborn on some other 3D World. They cannot be reborn upon the 5D Earth, as they would be out of tune with Her, and would not survive.

The Earth will have returned to Her pristine beauty as a 5D Planet and the “Harvest Of The Evolution” will be complete.

Lord Sananda / Lady Nada via Lord Rananda Kumara, on  3rd March 2015.

Lots of Love from Rananda Kumara.  ❤ ❤

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