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16.small_There has been much speculation in recent years about how ascension in the physical body would happen. Now in September 2016 it IS happening. In order to ascend one must first re-blend with the greater part of one’s Soul, which is that part often called the “Higher Self.”
The Higher Self exists at a higher dimensional frequency of 5D+, and in order to re-blend with Him/Her one must raise the vibrational frequency of one’s physical body close enough to the frequency of 5D to allow the Higher Self to resonate with it. In recent years a few people here and there have succeeded in this and re-blended with their Higher Self, so that He/She is able to function through their physical vehicle.
Between the Autumnal Equinox on 22nd September and the Winter Solstice on 21st December 2016 a large number; a virtual `tidal wave’, of spiritual aspirants will reach the frequency that allows their Higher Self to re-blend with their physical being. This re-blending on such a large scale will bring about a great transformation in the 3D world; a much needed wave of unconditional Love will sweep the planet. It will also bring chaos for a while as the last bastions of the dark ones fall, but Love will prevail in the end.
28-smallAt the individual level, one may become aware of the Higher Self coming into one’s awareness and speaking to one through one’s dreams or in meditation. The Higher Self is a Being of 5D+ and is unaware of the practicalities of living in the 3D world. It will have to be guided to some extent, by one’s ego-self, in matters of living in the 3D world while sharing awareness of the material world with the ego-self. However, the Higher Self will be the Guide in spiritual matters, and will base all of one’s thoughts and actions in unconditional Love. From the Higher Self’s point of view It will have acquired a physical vehicle, but will have to learn how to drive it. It’s driving instructor will be the ego-self. From the point of view of the ego self, it will be like being the parent of a “Rainbow Child” who guides one in the higher ways of the Spirit, but who needs guidance in the practicalities of living in the 3D world. Gradually, the Higher Self will take over the guidance of the material vehicle from the ego-self.
The Higher Self is capable of healing one’s material vehicle, mentally, emotionally and physically, and may do so, as it will be able to act out more effectively through a healthy vehicle.
On the 22nd September Autumnal Equinox 2016, a great ceremony and celebration was held on that great Pleiadian mothercraft The White Winds, to mark this great event. All who attended were recognized as “The One” embodied on the Earth as their Higher Selves. (All Higher Selves are One in Spirit.)
Every child born upon the Earth after the 21st December Winter Solstice will be born as an incarnation of their Higher Self. This is not because they are particularly evolved Souls;- it is because they will imprint the collective consciousness of the new Humankind from the Akashic Records before taking birth. These children of The New Age will transform the world.
Love and Light from Rananda Kumara, Adonai, on 24rth September 2016.



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If, by the time the Soul vacates the physical body, the vibrational frequency of that body’s physical cells has risen close enough to the 5D frequency, they will make a quantum leap to the 5D frequency band, and that body will disappear from 3D gaze. This is what happened in the case of Lord Jeshua when His physical body disappeared from the tomb;- but this has also happened in other cases that were not recorded. This is what is known as ascending in one’s Light Body.

The physical cells are transmuted to 5D frequency and form the “Light Body” of that Soul who inhabited that physical body. The Soul has reblended within the Collective Being of it’s Higher Self, but the transmutation of it’s physical cells to 5D frequency, creates a 5D Body Of Light in the original form of the physical body, and that Soul is then capable of acting out independently of it’s Higher Self, in that Light Body. That Soul may appear to people in the 3D world to convey a message, and although it will appear as it did as a physical being, it’s face will shine softly with Light and it’s form will appear to be radiant. This also happened in the case of Lord Jeshua when He appeared to some of His friends and His disciples after His crucifixion and entombment.
In His appearances to these people, Lord Jeshua was demonstrating the reality of continued existence in the ascended form, after the death of the physical body, but, in times of great distress, many people call upon His aid and that of other great Light Beings;- the renowned Saints and Masters and Holy Men and Women of their various religions. Just like Jeshua, these great Light Beings continue to exist in their Body of Light, and have frequently been reported as having appeared in that Light Body to those that call upon them.


Those great Light Beings that walked the Earth are Soul Aspects of their Higher Selves who exist in a higher dimension. In the case of Lord Jeshua, His Higher Self is Lord Sananda Kumara of the great Kumaran family of Venus. Sananda’s Father is Lord Sanat Kumara who is at the head of that family, and whose Divine Complement is Lady Venus. These great Star Beings send their Soul Aspects to incarnate upon the Earth to carry out some great life purpose that will aid the spiritual evolution of the Earth and her inhabitants.

Much of the spiritual evolution of the Earth has been guided in this way by Star Beings who incarnated upon the Earth from extra-terrestrial families of several star systems. Life was originally seeded on the Earth by the Star Brethren, when she became capable of sustaining it, and thereafter, the `gardeners’ have come to encourage the growth of that life.
Many of these Star Beings / Light Beings have worked as “Ground Crew” on several other planets before volunteering to bring the Light to the Earth, but for many of them, their work is now done and they can withdraw from the 3D Earth and continue to work from the Higher Realms of 6D+.
Lord Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 25th April 2016.
Much Love from Rananda. — ❤

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