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Angel of Transcendence, Archangel Zadkiel by Glenyss Bourne

Angel of Transcendence, Archangel Zadkiel by Glenyss Bourne

In previous times the dark forces in the world have been able to conceal their presence and their activities, but in these “End Times”, when many Souls are passing The Gate into Christ Consciousness at their Higher Heart chakra, and are radiating their Christ Light through The Christ Grid into the material world, these activities that were hidden in deep shadow, are now being pulled out and exposed to The Light.

       Almost daily, a new scandal is revealed in the media; drug and people trafficking; profiteering at the expense of the sick or disadvantaged; corruption of the young; the innocent being prosecuted and the guilty going free; etc, etc.

These activities of the dark Souls have been with us for aeons of time, but now they are being exposed to view. This is due to the effect of The Light Of Divine Love and The Light Of Divine Wisdom that are being radiated into the Hearts and the Minds of the `children’ (The unawakened Souls in 3D awareness.) and all around the Mother Earth via The Christ Grid. Nothing can be hidden any longer. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of Light !

It is you, the Christ Conscious Souls; those that have passed The Gate at Higher Heart, that are radiating that Light into The Christ Grid and illuminating the darkness. You may notice that whenever you have been concerned about some activity of the dark ones that has come to your notice, and you then go on to radiate The Light Of Divine Love and The Light Of Divine Wisdom into The Christ Grid, and into people’s Hearts and Minds, that soon thereafter that very darkness is exposed in the media !

All things done in your Christ Name carry much greater power, and have much more influence than you may realize. We are accustomed to the words and actions of our small and limited self having little effect in the world, and it may come as a surprise just how influential we have become in Christ Consciousness.

Let your Light shine out and dissolve the darkness !

From Rananda on 10th December 2009.

Love and Light from Rananda



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Archangel Michael

Your Christ Name / Sacred Name is the Name of your Higher Self.  It is the link to your Star Family and your lineage in the Higher Realm.

After you have passed The Gate to Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness at your Higher Heart chakra, you may receive your Christ Name/Sacred Name from your Higher Self, or from a member of your Star family. This usually happens in the dream state, but it can also happen in meditation. However, if you believe that your Higher Heart chakra has opened and you are now in unity consciousness, and you have not received your Christ Name, you can try asking Archangel Michael to tell you it. Your Christ Name is your “Sword Of Power”, and Archangel Michael bears “The Great Sword Of Power”, so he is the one to ask for it.  Your Name may come in a dream or a meditation vision.

After you have received your Christ Name, it is important to your development as a Christ Conscious Soul, to claim your Name and use it. Your every action is greatly empowered when carried out in your Christ Name. It is truly a “Name Of Power”.

As a Christ Conscious Soul, you have several great life purposes that you undertook before your descent into incarnation in the material world. By this time, you will probably have remembered them, and will have been working to realize them; but you now have an additional responsibility. Before your Higher Heart opened, you have probably carried out healing or distant healing of some sort, on individuals; but now you are a Christed Soul , and you must widen the scope of your healing to include the whole of Mankind and the Mother Earth.

This healing may be done with the Christ Light.  Daily one sits in a quiet space where one will not be disturbed and carries out a visualization in one’s Christ Name; reciting that Name aloud (If possible) together with one’s intention. eg- “I (Christ Name) radiate the Light Of Divine Love and The Light Of Divine Wisdom, into the Hearts and the Minds of all the `children’ (The less-evolved Souls in 3D awareness) all around me, as far as I may reach, throughout The Christ Grid, all around the Mother Earth. Let their Hearts and their Minds be filled with the Light of Divine Love and the Light of Divine Wisdom;-  Under The Law Of Divine Grace, and for the highest good of all concerned. I am (Christ Name). It is done.”— While reciting this, one can emphasise one’s words with appropriate actions; swinging one’s hands around one, and at the appropriate moment, around the Mother Earth as visualized.  One can visualize The Light Of Divine Love as Pearly-Pink, and The Light Of Divine Wisdom as Sky-Blue.  The Christ energy will follow one’s intention, empowered by one’s Christ Name, and will radiate from one’s location, through The Christ Grid, all around the Mother Earth.

In this way one will act as a channel for The Christ Light into the material world, and it will illuminate the shadows where the dark Souls dwell, and will open the Hearts and Minds of Humankind on a worldwide scale.

One need not adhere to the format given above; there is scope for variation in the Lightwork.

You are not alone in this; there is a secret army of Christ Conscious Souls all around the Earth, each working toward the same end, by empowering The Christ Grid with The Christ Light.

From Rananda on 3rd December 2009.

Love and Light from Rananda.


You are not alone in this. There is a “secret army” of Christ Conscious Souls, all around the Earth, each working toward the same end by empowering the Christ Grid with the Light of Christ Consciousness.”
Channelled through David [Rananda] on the 3rd December 2009

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Archangel Jeremiel  by Glenyss BourneIn the months following “The Shift” on 21st December 2012, there has been a period of Grace that has allowed the newly ascending Souls to release all of those low frequency energies that have been binding them to the 3D world; and that they cannot take with them in their ascension to 5D.

This also applies to the volunteer Starseed Lightworkers, who have descended from 5D+, and who have taken incarnation, or have walked-in to 3D, to be the teachers of the newly ascendant Souls. These volunteer Souls are often suffering from interdimensional amnesia, and have forgotten to some extent, that they are already ascended Souls of 5D+; so they have picked up some low frequency 3D traits such as bad habits, judgmentalism and unforgivingness. These 3D traits have to be cleansed and released before these 5D+ Souls can reascend to their appropriate dimension.

What little remains of the dark energies are trying desperately to prevent the cleansing and ascension of the 3D Souls, and the reascension of the Starseed volunteers, so that they will remain under their domination in the 3D world; and they will attack them wherever they perceive a weakness in them that they can resonate with, and pull down their vibrational frequency.

It would be wise therefore, for for these ascendant Souls and volunteers, to use a method of self-cleansing and protection at the start of each day, and in any negative situation that may arise during the day.

The following method provides self-cleansing and protection, and is recommended :-

Saint Germaine by Glenyss BourneInvoke the Silvery-Violet Flame in your Christ Name, if you know it. (There is no need to invoke it in the name of St Germain if you know your Christ Name.) See it expanding in a big star of brilliant, Silvery Violet Light just above your Crown chakra. Then draw the Light of the star down around you, throughout your fields; transmuting all dark energies therein to Light, and bring it together in a star of brilliant Silvery-Violet Light just beneath your feet. Then draw that Light up through your chakra system, creating a star of Silvery-Violet Light at the position of each chakra, up to your Crown chakra; cleansing each one; then back down through all of the cells of your physical body; visualizing a spark of Silvery-Violet Light as each cell is illuminated and cleansed, in a wave of Light, right down to your toes.

Then draw down a ray of brilliant, Golden Christ Light from above your head, and expand it in a brilliant Golden star above your head. Draw the Golden Light from this star down around you, and bring it together in a Golden star beneath your feet; thus enveloping yourself in a protective sphere of Golden Christ Light, that will reflect all dark energies back to their source, to be recognized for what they are, and transmuted to Light.

Channeled from “Father” via Rananda on 26th May 2013.

Love and Light from Rananda. ❤

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Angel image by Glenyss BourneWhen you have opened, and are working with, the three Higher Chakras; – Higher Heart; – Fourth Eye and Higher Throat; your Soul ascends into union with your Higher Self at Higher Crown chakra; a hand’s length above your Crown, which is His seat.

This chakra is a radiant star of brilliant Golden and Violet Light and is already open for your Kundalini to make Her connection.

Your Higher Self is the collective consciousness of all of your other-life Soul aspects; and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

At this point you have become a Master Soul; a fully Christ Conscious Being and a fully-fledged Angel (Your Angel wings that began to grow when your Higher Heart chakra opened, have now grown to maturity.

Before, you used to “channel” your Higher Self;- now you have become your Higher Self;- and you act out in the material world as an Aspect Of The Christ Energy. This is the realisation of Sananda’s statement, during His life as Jesus :- “These things that I do you shall do also;- and greater things shall you do.”

Affirmation for Higher Crown chakra :- “I am (Christ name or Sacred Name); Great Golden Angel Of Light; Eternal Being; in Whom I identify:- I AM.”

Sananda via Rananda on 28th April 2012.

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Archangel Image by Glenyss Bourne

Archangel Michael

When your Higher Chakras;- Higher Heart; Fourth Eye, and Higher Throat, are open, your Ray of Divine Love and Ray of Divine Wisdom (Pink and Blue) come into balance with each other, and you begin to manifest your Ray of Divine Power (Gold). This is The Christ Light, and when the Rays of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom are in balance, the Ray of Divine Power is maximised, and you are then able to act out in The Christ Light.

At this point, if you don’t yet know your Christ Name, you should ask Archangel Michael in your meditation or just before sleep, to tell you it. Your Christ Name is your “sword of power”, and AA Michael bears the great sword of power, so he will give you your sword of power if you ask him. When you speak or act in your Christ Name, it multiplies the power of your words or actions many times.

Before passing The Gate to Christ Consciousness, at your Higher Heart chakra, you healed people at an individual level, but now that you are working in The Christ Light, you are able to heal en-masse, at the global level. This is accomplished by radiating your Christ Light into The Christ Grid, which encompasses the Mother Earth, each morning when you do your Lightwork. You can use the affirmation :- “I (Christ Name), radiate The Light of Divine Love and The Light of Divine Wisdom into the Hearts and Minds of all the `children’ (Those in 3D awareness), throughout the Christ Grid, all around The Mother Earth. Let their Hearts and Minds be filled with The Light of Divine Love and The Light of Divine Wisdom; under The Law of Grace, for the greater good of all concerned; so be it; I am (Christ Name); It is done.”—  In this way, your Christ Light, and that of all other Christ Conscious Souls who are thus energising The Christ Grid, will travel all around the Mother Earth and illuminate the shadows where the dark energies are hiding, and expose them to public view. Very soon they will either change their Hearts and Minds, or they will be exposed in one scandal or another.

Spiritual painting by Glenyss BourneThis is healing on the mass, global level. It is not even necessary to specify any particular dark energy; the fact that you have been concerned about them is enough. The healing and cleansing effect of the Christ Energy is multiplied exponentially by the number of Christborn Souls that are radiating their Christ Light into The Christ Grid.

There is another way that the Christborn can bring healing to masses of people and whole areas of the Earth. The Christborn are empowered to command the Elementals of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. In this way they can alleviate earthquakes and landslides; turn away storms; extinguish bush fires and moderate volcanic eruptions; end droughts by bringing rain, or prevent flooding. Do this under The Law Of Divine Grace, for the greater good of all concerned, and in your Christ Name.

Truly you are great and powerful spiritual Beings of Light.

Love and Light from Rananda, on the 7th September 2011

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The Christ Grid that links all of the old and new energy vortices at the sacred sites all around the Mother Earth, is now complete; but it is like a battery that needs to be charged with The Christ Light before it can enlighten the darkness of the world.

Angelic Art by Glenyss BourneSome of the Christborn who have passed The Gate into Christ Consciousness, at Higher Heart chakra, and who have received their Christ Name, are now energising The Christ Grid, but many who have their Name have not realised about this possibility.

Your Christ Name is your Sword Of Power, that greatly empowers all lightwork done in that Name; and if you radiate your Christ Light into The Christ Grid, daily, in that Name, The Grid will be charged with that powerful Christ Light. That Light will travel all around the Mother Earth, and will radiate into the Hearts and Minds of all the “Children” (Those in 3D awareness) healing them en-masse, mentally, emotionally and physically, of all that ails them.

Another function of That Christ Light is to dispel the dark shadows where the dark energies have been hiding, exposing them to view. There is no need to even specify a particular dark energy; the fact that you have been concerned about it is enough. This can be seen at work now. There are new scandals and exposes almost daily in the media, where the activities of those dark energies are highlighted (Christlighted) and exposed to public view.

When there are enough Christborn lightworkers radiating their Christ Light into The Christ Grid, a trigger point will be reached, and it will bring about “The Dimensional Shift” of Mother Earth and Humankind. It is not something that is going to happen to us; we have to make it happen.

Here is a suggested lightwork / visualisation for energising The Christ Grid. It is not set in concrete; you can vary the wording or modify the visualisation to suit yourself, as long as you keep the meaning the same :-

Seat yourself before your altar, or in your meditation space.

Reach out your arms before you at shoulder height, with fingertips touching, and say (aloud if possible, in a powerful voice) :-

Angelic art by Glenyss Bourne

“I (Christ Name) radiate The Light Of Divine Love and The Light Of Eternal Truth in Christ Consciousness”,- See the Pink and Blue Light from your left and right hands, merging into Violet and Gold at your fingertips. Then, begin to sweep your arms around you at shoulder height, with fingers extended outward, saying,- “into the Hearts and Minds of all the Children, all around me as far as I may reach.”- As you are sweeping your arms around you, visualise rays of Violet and Gold Christlight radiating horizontally outward from your fingertips. When your fingertips touch behind your neck, bring your arms back around, saying,- “throughout The Christ Grid”,-  (While still visualising the rays radiating outward from your fingers.) Then, when your fingertips touch again at the front, sweep your arms down and around, while visualising them encompassing the Earth; saying,- “all around the Mother Earth.” Then, clasping your hands in front of you, say;- “Let the Hearts and the Minds of all the Children, be filled with the Light of Divine Love and the Light of Eternal Truth. For the greatest good of all concerned so be it. I am (Christ Name.)”—

The more of us who do this lightwork regularly, the more brilliant and powerful the Christ Light will be, that empowers the Christ Grid; and the more effective it will be in the mass healing of those who are still in third dimensional awareness; and also in illuminating the dark shadows where the dark energies have concealed their activities. The Mother Earth and Humankind will truly be enlightened.

Love, Light and Blessings from Rananda, on 24rth December 2010 X

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From Sananda;  “After you have passed The Gate To Christ Consciousness, and The Divine Father and The Divine Mother have united in conception of The Christ Child in your Higher Heart chakra, you are reborn a Christ Conscious Soul, and you then exist in a trinity of Oneness.

Angel painting by Glenyss BourneThis trinity comprises; on the left, The Divine Mother = Divine Love / Divine Heart; on the right, The Divine Father = Eternal Truth / Divine Mind / Wisdom, and, in the centre, You, Their Offspring = Divine Power. Your Divine Power is manifest in your Christ Name; your `Sword Of Power’, which you usually receive at this point. (If not, ask Sananda for it)

After you come into your power, the kingdoms of Nature recognise you as Spirit. You have power over them, and they love you and submit to your authority. That Power is tempered with Divine Love and Wisdom, and you can control the Elementals of Fire, Earth, Water and Wind, and thus the weather.

You are also recognised by the Devas and Nature Spirits as their sovereign, and they obey you. The animals too love you and communicate with you telepathically, telling you what is troubling them, and obeying your commands.

You have become an Aspect of The Christ, in the material world, and any lightwork that you do in your Christ Name (Your Name Of Power) will be imbued with great power.”

Channelled through Rananda on 23rd September 2010

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