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5-small“Wormholes” have frequently been depicted in sci-fi movies and TV series as a sort of twisting tunnel that connects distant points in space and acts as a sort of short-cut for spacecraft to travel over vast distances that would be too far apart in space/time to cover by conventional space travel in a practical period of time. These “Wormholes” do exist in great profusion throughout the Cosmos, and are used by the craft of extra-terrestrial races for interstellar and inter-galactic travel. They are the super highways and byways of the Cosmos, and enable travel over what we perceive as vast distances. As “Time” is a “Now Moment”, so “Space/Distance” is a “Point”. Space/distance has just as little reality as time. Space and Time are two ways of looking at the same thing. A distance can be expressed as a time. Ask an Arab nomad how far to the next town and you are just likely to be told, “Three days”. This is distance expressed as a time.
The Cosmos is a great Being and the network of plasma tubes connecting the Stars and the Galaxies can be likened to the nervous system of that Being. Every “thing” in existence is a Soul in spiritual evolution, from the tiniest Atom to the greatest Galaxy, and even the Universe or Cosmos itself is a Being.
The existence of these Wormholes has been known to the self styled “Illuminati” for several decades, but this knowledge has been suppressed, and the wormholes have been used by them in what has come to be known as “The Secret Space Program”. They have received that technology from certain of the so called “Negative ET” races with whom they traded in the 1950s onward, as well as the knowledge of gravity cancelling craft that have the ability to use the wormholes. With these advantages, they have travelled to other planets and moons within The Solar System and to other Star Systems and Galaxies, without, via the wormholes. The Illuminati gain a sense of superiority by keeping these technologies for their own use and depriving the general public of them.
Even NASA (An arm of the American Department Of Defense) have revealed the presence of wormholes, but they have played it down, and half concealed it in technical language. They do not reveal the whole story or the implications for Humankind. Much is concealed by NASA, but all will be revealed in full disclosure, when the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL) believe that the general public are ready for this knowledge. Meanwhile, they have to make do with bit by bit disclosure via the “whistleblowers” brave enough to defy the Illuminati.
Lord Ezekiel via Rananda Kumara on 19th January 2017
Love and Light from Rananda. —



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“Ascension” is not a one-off event in one’s spiritual evolution;- it IS spiritual evolution. It is an on-going process of ascending on the upward spiral in one’s return to, and reunion with Spirit. One’s Soul separates from Spirit and descends on the downward spiral through the dimensions into matter. All of one’s experiences in matter are recorded so that Spirit can experience materiality. None of these experiences are judged “good” or “bad”; all is grist to Spirit’s mill.

Ascension proceeds by steps. At each step one unites with one’s Higher Self. One has many Higher Selves and the Higher Self that we are familiar with is only the next one up in the spiral of one’s ascension, but that Higher Self also has a Higher Self;- a greater Higher Self, and that Higher Self has a greater one still, and so on, all the way back on the ascending spiral, to The Godhead. One’s Higher Self will have a Name, and one’s Higher Self’s Higher Self, or “Greater Higher Self”, will also have a Name, but subsequent Higher Selves in the ascending spiral may be Nameless and formless Energy Beings.
After one has united, or re-blended within one’s Higher Self, the next Higher Self up on the spiral (One’s “Greater Higher Self”) becomes one’s new Higher Self. He/She becomes one’s Guide until one takes the next step up by re-blending with Him/Her. At each step one is given greater powers and the greater responsibility that goes with them, and by the time one has ascended all the way back to the Godhead, one has become all seeing and all knowing.
This ascension by steps, is another way of looking at ascension up through the dimensions as one releases dark energies and one’s vibrational frequency increases.
When the cells of one’s physical body have risen in vibrational frequency, to the lower edge of the 5D frequency band, one’s Higher Self is able to descend and embody one’s physical vehicle, creating the reality of “Ascension In The Physical”. At this point, one identifies in one’s Higher Self and one’s “Greater Higher Self” (The Higher Self of one’s Higher Self) becomes one’s new Higher Self. Thus one takes the first step toward reunion with Spirit.
Lord Ezekiel via Rananda Kumara on 16th November 2016

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FB_IMG_1435127745853 Abduction is not really a true description of this activity. Abduction suggests that the abductee was taken against their will, but most people taken on board ET craft have made a pre-birth agreement to serve in this way, which they have forgotten because of inter-dimensional amnesia. Some details of their abduction are only remembered in the dream state or under hypnotic regression, because the subjects have received subconscious suggestions by their abductors, to forget the experience.
Most adults who are abducted go into fear and this shuts them off from the telepathic emanations of Love and other communications given to them by their abductors. Most children who are abducted do not go into fear. They remember having been abducted on previous occasions, and have become somewhat familiar with the little beings who take them from their bedrooms, dematerialize them, and float them through the walls or closed windows and into the waiting ship. These children feel the Love emanated by these little beings and remain open to telepathic communication with them. These beings are the upper 4D Souls employed by the higher dimensional (5D+) Souls, to collect their subjects from their beds or from their cars, because they themselves cannot tolerate the low frequency and the high level of pollution on the 3D Earth. They are of several different upper 4D races, but are generally between three and five feet tall, and even include the Grays, some of whom have worked for the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL). However, the Grays no longer work for them in this way as they have withdrawn from the Earth at the turn of the millennium because they could no longer tolerate the rising level of pollution.
wp-1464649874663.jpgThose that employ the races that carry out the abductions are an arm of the GFL;- the “Ashtar Command”, who have been the carers or `baby sitters’ of Humankind for thousands of years. It is they who initially seeded us on the Earth, and who have since looked after us;- monitoring our progress toward ascension and preventing us from prematurely destroying ourselves or our planet in natural disasters or nuclear warfare. They also take samples of soil and vegetation to check how it is being affected by pollution. Included in this programme is the monitoring of Humankind in what we have come to know as “abduction”. Humans who have made a pre-birth agreement with them are taken on board scout craft and sometimes mother-craft, where they are tested to see how they are tolerating the rising levels of pollution and nuclear radiation on the Earth. They are usually fitted with implants so that they can be tracked, and to monitor their brain activity or the condition of their organs, etc. This can be traumatic if the abductee goes into fear, but if they do not do that, they find that they can communicate telepathically with their abductors, and some of the procedures are explained to them They also feel the Love that their captors radiate. Our free will is never violated and we are only taken if we have agreed to it, though we may be unaware of this pre-birth agreement. Some abductees may also be members of the GFL who have incarnated for this purpose.
three_aliensDuring the decades leading up to the Millennium, many people were abducted by the “Grays” who had made a deal during the early 1950s, with the United States Air Force to be allowed to have bases on the Earth, and to abduct men and women and harvest their genetic material. The Grays used to look like Humans, but due to exposure to nuclear radiation, they had lost the ability to reproduce their race and were in a genetic dead end. In exchange for this they gave the American military some of their advanced technology. The Grays completed their programme of creating a hybrid race from their own race and Human genes, and left the Earth around the turn of the Millennium. These hybrids are a little taller than the Grays but have the same general body shape and pear shaped head. They are highly intelligent and have the facial features of Humans, with Human eyes, nose, mouth and ears, and are male and female. They reproduce in the same way as Humans. The Grays settled this new race on a new planet, and they now reincarnate into their physical forms when they take transition.
Although we regard this “abduction” as a violation of our free will, it is not so. It is a necessary procedure to ensure our continued existence on this planet. Even our abduction by the Grays has allowed them to continue their race, and the abductees were Grays who had taken incarnation on the Earth in order to enter our gene pool and provide the necessary genetic material to create the hybrids and save their race.
Rananda Kumara on the 1st October 2016.
Love and Light from Rananda.

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A great deal of misunderstanding and fear exists around the subject of “The Grays”. Whenever extra-terrestrials are mentioned in the media, the article is invariably accompanied by a picture of a Gray ET, even though the Grays are only one of many ET races that have visited the Earth. It is implied that all ETs look like the Grays, and presents a sinister image of them, which is calculated to induce fear of them in the public. Many extra-terrestrial races look remarkably Human and are even more beautiful than the most beautiful of Humans. The Grays are not members of the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL) though some of the Grays work for them as androids. Because they are 4D Souls they can land on the Earth to carry out tasks, where higher dimensional Star Beings could not land. If the GFL had been allowed to choose which Star Race would be the first to make contact with the Earth Humans, they would have chosen a race such as the Pleiadians who closely resemble them, and who would therefore not send them into fear.
wp-1464649874663.jpgThere are several different races of Grays, and they all used to look much more like us until their planets experienced a nuclear war, or they consumed genetically modified organisms that altered their DNA and started them down a road that led to a genetic dead end. Gradually, they became unable to reproduce their species, and sought a way to avoid the certain extinction of their race that threatened them. Under laboratory conditions, they manipulated their DNA to create and grow android bodies for themselves, and ensouled them. These androids are “The Grays”. Their bodies do not age and die, but if they die in an accident, they simply ensoul one of the new bodies, which are continuously produced on their home planet or in their ships.
The Grays stand around 4ft in height (Though there is also tall variety) and are completely hairless. They have a relatively large, pear shaped head with a small chin and very small nose; a tiny, non-functional slit of a mouth; no external ear, and have very large slanting, matt black eyes, with no sign of an iris or a pupil. They have no sexual organs and their arms and hands are long, with long bony fingers. They absorb nourishment through their skin and communicate telepathically.
They would like to return to the way they looked before their DNA was damaged, and several of their races search the Galaxy for planets where Humans live that are willing to share their genetic material and undamaged DNA with the Grays, to create hybrid beings. Through this breeding program they can gradually heal their damaged DNA, return to their former physical appearance and restore the ability to reproduce their species.
Certain planets in the Galaxy have been created as DNA `libraries’, where Star Beings can come and take out a `book’, perhaps for the purpose of reseeding another planet. The Earth is one of these DNA` library’ planets and the Grays came here in the early 1950s to take out a `book’. Unfortunately, they chose the US Air Force to do a deal with. The Grays abide by certain rules of engagement with other planets, and their rules forbid them to just walk in and take what they wish by force. They must offer a trade. The Grays are a telepathic race and they assumed that we, on the Earth were telepathic too, as is the norm for Star Beings, and that in dealing with the American military, all of us on the Earth would be in on the deal too, and agree to it. They offered the US Air Force some of their technology in exchange for permission to establish bases on the Earth and to abduct people and harvest their genetic material to breed their hybrids. Of course, the US military leapt at the chance to obtain this ET technology. This is the origin of “The Secret Space Program”.
If we on the Earth are not to follow in the footsteps of the Grays;- damage our DNA and turn into an evolutionary dead end where we become unable to reproduce our species, it is essential that we abandon nuclear energy / testing / warfare and cease the production and proliferation of GMOs. Even peaceful nuclear power stations pose a serious threat as they are positioned on the sea shore and are wide open to destruction by tsunamis, as in the case of Fukushima. Our Star Brethren of the GFL have said that they will intervene to stop a nuclear conflict, and that they have already acted to down missiles that have been fired on 16 occasions in an attempt to start a World War III;- but we cannot leave it entirely up to them. Let us learn our lesson from the Grays.
The Grays withdrew from the Earth around the turn of the millennium as their weakened immune systems could no longer tolerate the high level of pollution on the Earth.
From Rananda via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 8th July 2016
Love and Light from Rananda Kumara.


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Lady Vesta – Sun Goddess

A great deal of fear and confusion exists in the world with regard to extraterrestrials, but there is no need to fear; The Star Brethren have been visiting the Earth for millions of years. They have re-seeded life here more than once, from other planets, when it has been extinguished in cataclysmic events such as asteroid strikes.  Usually they have kept a low profile, as The Divine Law Of Freewill does not allow them to interfere with our choices as we evolve spiritually.

       The Earth is a very abundant planet in mineral and biological resources, compared to most other planets, which are mostly barren, so The Star Brethren regard it as their `garden’, which they visit occasionally to take small quantities of minerals and plant and animal life, to seed other, more barren, planets.  They have been careful gardeners and have not taken too much; and they have re-seeded here when necessary.   They also respect all of the species that inhabit the Earth as Souls in spiritual evolution.

Hubble photo“Humankind” was seeded from the genes of various Star Races.  That is why Humans are physically, so much like many of the humanoid Star Races throughout the galaxy; many of whom could pass for Humans in the street.  These Star Beings spliced their genes with those of the the Earth Humans, making them more intelligent and resistant to disease.  Many Star Beings carry the same names as we do. This is not because they have stolen our names, but that we have taken theirs.

With regard to ETs, there is no “them and us”. In our other lives, we have sometimes been ETs and have lived on other planets. We are all one great Star Family; members of The Galactic Community.

With the explosion of the first nuclear weapons at the end of WW II, we on the Earth began to pollute the `garden’ Earth and despoil it on a much larger scale than in the preceding Industrial Revolution. This got the attention of The Star Brethren, because nuclear radiation corrupts DNA and adversely affects them and their planets as well as us and ours, and the damage is not limited to one dimension.  We are not separate from them as we appear to be on the physical level; we are all aspects of one great consciousness, and what one does affects all the others.  After that time The Star Brethren began to visit us much more frequently, to clean up the mess that we were making of their (and our) garden planet.

Two main groups of ETs came to visit; one group were the `gardeners’ but the other; those we call “The Grays”, had a different agenda. They came from our future, and a timeline that had resulted in them having the physical appearance that they now bear.  Their physical appearance was a result of their taking GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms.)  They were now in a genetic dead end and their immune system was collapsing.

The Grays chose the American Air Force to make contact with in the early 1950s. Being a collective, they were all telepathically connected and didn’t understand that we were individuals. They assumed that if they had an agreement with the American military, we all on the Earth were in on the agreement. The Grays are not particularly spiritually advanced beings and neither were the American military with whom they made contact. The USAF made a secret deal with them that allowed them to establish bases on the Earth, and to abduct people and remove genetic material from them, to enable them to repair their damaged DNA.    In return the American military would be given some of their advanced technology, but they kept that technology a military secret.

The military farmed out that technology to the armaments industry and made a secret alliance with them. This was the start of “The Military/Industrial Alliance”, which was an alliance of dark Souls that profitted from starting wars for financial gain. The power behind all this was what we now call “The Dark Cabal” or “The Illuminati”, whose agenda was world domination.

The whole scenario of “The Cold War” and “The Space Program” was the view of things that was for public consumption.  All this time, the American military had a secret space program that used the craft that they had built and back engineered from their deal with the Grays.  They had no need to go back to the Moon or to find a successor to the Space Shuttle program, because they had already gone back to the Moon and established bases there, using the back engineered ET craft.  They had also established bases on Mars in the same way.  These black projects were developed using the tax dollars from the American public.

At the start of the new millennium, the Grays had to withdraw from the Earth as their weak immune system could no longer tolerate the very high level of pollution.

During this time, the other group of ETs that we have referred to as “The Gardners” were being kept busy cleaning up the radioactive hotspots and pollution on the Earth, that resulted from Nuclear bomb tests and leaks from nuclear power stations, and other dangers to our survival on the Earth. Traditionally they have been our protectors, like `big brothers’, or sort of `super baby sitters’. Their aim is to prevent us from destroying ourselves or our planet before we can ascend and join them as fifth dimensional Souls in The Galactic Community. These ETs are those called “The Galactic Federation Of Light”(GFL), and they have now been given Divine Authority to remove The Cabal and their allies, The Grays, from the Earth. The aim of The Dark Alliance is world domination and the enslavement of the people of Earth, and they would dearly like to prevent our ascension from 3D/4D to 5D, and our joining The Galactic Community.  However, it is part of The Divine Plan that we will ascend, and The Galactic Federation Of Light are here in large numbers, to make sure that it happens.

Much Love from Rananda Kumara on 9th June 2012.


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The planet Maldek used to orbit the Sun between the planets Mars and Jupiter and was an upper 4D planet with a civilization that was more technologically advanced than that of the Earth today. They had advanced space travel based on crystal technology, and could cross the entire the Solar System in moments. They also had crystal laser weapons like the “Star Trek” phasers.
There was a scientific community and a military community on that planet, and the scientific community would invent things for the military to use. I remember living lives in both communities. During one life in the scientific community, I remember discovering a deposit of a mineral that could only be described as “levitation stone”. I demonstrated it to the military governor and led him to the site of the deposit.
The planet was very cold, being further from the Sun than the planet Mars, and the populace, which numbered only a few hundred thousand, lived underground as they do on most planets with an extreme climate. Their homes were heated by geothermal heat from the planet’s core.
The Maldekians used crystal technology in the propulsion and guidance of their craft and in their laser weapons and tools, and they fought a war with another Star Race over the crystal mining rights on the moons of the outer planets. I was involved in this war as a sort of space cadet in the military during one life, and narrowly escaped with my life when I turned up late and the patrol that I should have been with was ambushed and everyone was killed.
The Maldekian men were bald with a long nose and large eyes that had evolved from living underground. The women were very beautiful with short hair that grew upward on top of their head, like a long crew cut.
Maybe I should make it clear at this point that I was not truly a Maldekian, although I had lived several lives on that planet. I was GFL “Ground Crew”, but didn’t know this until my final life on Maldek. During that life, I was contacted by the GFL and was told that I was one of their “Ground Crew” members on Maldek and made aware of the other Ground Crew members, most of whom I already knew and communicated with. The GFL voiced their concern that the Maldekian government had refused to abandon their development of nuclear weapons after being warned by them, many times, of the danger of continuing to test them. I was told that this would result in the destruction of their planet, and that I should get the others together and prepare to evacuate, so I contacted all of the other Ground Crew members and told them of the message from the GFL. We came together and formulated an evacuation plan.
Maldek had several moons that were captured asteroids, one of which had been hollowed out, with tunnels and rooms and converted into an orbital space station, which was currently abandoned. We came together on this asteroid, installed a propulsion unit and prepared to leave.
On the day of our departure, I had been working outside on the surface, to finalize the installation of the propulsion unit, and power up the asteroid, and when I came back in, and was sitting on the floor recovering, I heard many voices saying to one another;- “We have saved the moon !”— There was much jubilation and dancing, in a great celebration. A beautiful woman came over to me and held out her hand in an invitation to dance with her. In the Maldekian society, where the women chose the men, this was a coded invitation to become her partner or Mate. I took her hand and she pulled me up to dance with her. We set a course for Mars orbit, and we were on our way.
During the late 1980s there was much speculation amongst astronomers that Mars’ asteroid moon, “Phobos” was hollow, or that it was an artificial satellite, due to the observed anomalies in it’s orbit. It didn’t appear to have enough mass for it’s apparent size. The Russians sent a spacecraft to observe Mars, and one of it’s scheduled tasks was to `ping’ Phobos with a laser pulse to see if it would ring and prove the theory correct, but when they turned their cameras toward Phobos, their spacecraft was attacked by a UFO and sent spinning. They could tell that the craft was spinning as each time it’s aerial beam passed through the Earth, there was a burst of signal from it. The UFO had also been seen on camera, approaching the spacecraft. The Russians took this as an attack on their spacecraft. Just around this time, the American President, Reagan, made a rather peculiar speech about “co-operating with the Russians in space against a common enemy.” This was during the latter years of The Cold War, but after this, there was increased co-operation between the Russians and the Americans in space. This story was not common knowledge at the time, but emerged later.
In March 1974 I “Awakened” after I had an out of body experience and realized that the world was not the way it was presented to us via science and religion. During the following few years, I taught myself how to project my Astral body at will, and would travel on the Astral (4D) to places that I had always wished to see on the Earth, such as Victoria Falls. Then I became more adventurous, and traveled to places in The Solar System that I had remembered visiting during my life on Maldek. I visited the crystal mine on one of the moons of Neptune where I had served during the wars over the crystal mining rights. It was still there but was now deserted. Very large crystal clusters were growing out of the floor of the tunnel, and there was an elevator in the form of a two-way fireman’s pole that took one between levels when one grabbed onto it. After I read about Phobos in the late 90s, I realized that I could also travel there and confirm that it was hollow, and that it was the asteroid that we GFL Ground Crew had taken to Mars orbit.
I traveled to Phobos on the Astral, and found it to be shaped like a large potato, with a big end and a little end, several miles long, and with a surface that was pitted with meteor craters of all sizes. Mars looked very beautiful like a giant Peach, and filled the sky. I wondered how to get inside Phobos, and tried to drill myself down through it’s surface. When this didn’t work, I retired, and sat down cross legged in space at a distance, looking at Phobos and wondering how to get inside. Then I was inside, flying along a very wide tunnel. Just the desire to be there had taken me there. I looked down and saw below me, a crowd of Gray ETs panicking about. They had detected my presence, and didn’t like me knowing that they were living on Phobos. The presence of these Grays explains why the Russian spacecraft was attacked, and why there was a Cold War alliance of the Russians and Americans in space, in the late 1980s.
The planet Maldek was destroyed in a huge explosion that blew the planet apart, after an undersea nuclear test fractured the mantle and allowed sea water to penetrate to the hot magma beneath. The Asteroid Belt that orbits between Jupiter and Mars is the debris from this explosion, but some of the small planetoids that orbit the Sun are also remnants of Maldek. Much damage was caused within The Solar System by the asteroids of various size that were hurled out in all directions from the huge explosion.
Mother Gaia volunteered to take all of the Souls who perished in the destruction of Maldek, and many of them are incarnate today;- most of them campaign in the anti-nuclear lobby, but a few in the pro-nuclear lobby. The nuclear nations of the Earth have been warned by the GFL of the dangers of nuclear testing and nuclear warfare, and the Nuclear Test Ban treaty of the early 1960s did much to stop the testing, though some countries opted out and carried on testing until well into the 1990s. Now nuclear weapons are being disabled by the GFL, so that nuclear war is no longer a possibility.
Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 3rd December 2015.
Lots of Love from Rananda.

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Your Higher Self is the Collective Consciousness of all of your other life Soul Aspects and you are a Soul Aspect within that Collective Consciousness that is your Higher Self.  When you “Ascend”, that Soul Aspect that is you, re-blends within your Higher Self, and you identify within that Higher Self in the higher dimension where your Higher SeArt ~ Freydoon Rassouli (Spirit of Love) pinterestlf lives.  It is as if you have been working on voluntary detached duty from your Higher Self, and your re-ascension marks your reintegration and return “Home”.

Your Higher Self is a member of a Star Family, and may work in one of the great mothercraft of the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL) and have a home in the higher dimension of another planet. These ships and planets exist in the higher dimensions of 5 or 6D.

Some say that your Higher Self is your “I AM Presence”, but your Higher Self also has a Higher Self that is part of your I AM Presence; and that Higher Self has an even greater Higher Self, and so on all the way back to The Godhead.

Your Higher Self has a Name, and your Higher Self’s Higher Self does too, but the even greater Higher Selves are nameless and formless Beings Of Energy; all part of your Great I AM Presence;- “I AM THAT I AM”. —

Lord Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Commander Zanna on 22nd July 2015.

Love and Light from Rananda. —

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