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85-smallChildren are closer to Spirit [“God”] because they have not yet been contaminated by dark energies in their current life; but this contamination has been spoiling their innocence at a progressively earlier age, during the past thirty years or so.

There are dark Souls at work on the Earth. They are afraid of the Light that the children bring into the world, and they attack it at every opportunity (one sees in the media, more and more attacks, and murders of children).  These dark Souls also find ways to spoil the innocence of children. One way is through video games, that,over the past thirty years or so, have become progressively more violent, and sexual in content. The children also become `hooked’ on these games, and this keeps them fully occupied, so that they have no time to discover, and pursue the life purpose that they undertook before taking incarnation on the Earth.

"Loving Kindness" by Glenyss Bourne

“Live the attitude of Loving Kindness and teach it to your children by your example.

Many of these children are highly evolved Souls, who have life purposes, important to “The Divine Plan”, to carry out upon the Earth in these “End Times”, and they are kept from that important work (sometimes well into middle age) by their addiction to these games.

Another way that the dark Souls spoil the innocence of the children, is through children”s TV programs.  “Supernatural” and “Sci-Fi” programs aimed at children, feature scary monsters, demons and evil “aliens” that induce fear in the children. These monsters, demons and evil aliens are depicted as very powerful, and they can usually only be defeated by a hero with superior physical, or supernatural, force.  This is militaristic thinking that promotes warfare as the way to defeat your enemies. The “evil aliens” aspect of these programs is conditioning of the people of the Earth, to regard ETs as enemies who want to take the Earth from us, when in fact most of the ETs are working to protect us and to prevent us from prematurely destroying our  planet.

This conditioning is particularly effective, as it takes place at an early age, when the children are most impressionable. Many of the children taking incarnation in the world in these “End Times” are very highly evolved Souls, and they have brought much Light and wisdom into the world with them.

It is sad that one can no longer engage a child in conversation, without one’s motives being called into question, as some of these children are old and wise Souls, who have incarnated at this time, to help with the dimensional shift of Mother Earth and Humankind. They bring a fresh and new perspective into the world, and are much more interesting to talk with than most adults. However, they are conditioned from an early age “not to speak to strangers”, so they are being deprived of a voice in the world. This is an area where the dark Souls have prevented more Light from entering the world.

I was told by Ashtar Command during the 1990s;- “The children are not your children;- don’t tell them that you know better; listen to what they have to say.”-

From Rananda on 27th September 2009

Love and Light from Rananda.


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Lady Rowena painting

Lady Rowena by Glenyss Bourne

On the 12th of December 2012 (12:12:12) Mother Earth was born into the fifth dimension (5D) through the Divine Mother, represented by Lady Rowena, Goddess of the Pink Ray, and Lady Claudine of the Gold Ray, who are Her aspects. (These Goddesses are not just mythological figures; they really exist in the Higher Realms, along with many other Goddesses and Lady Masters.) Several incarnate Light Beings also assisted in the role of `midwives’, at this great birth. The prerequisite for ascension to 5D is the opening of the Higher Heart chakra, whose colours are Pink and Gold.  Mother Earth’s Higher Heart chakra, which is located at Glastonbury Tor in the United Kingdom, was opened on 12:12:12, by the two above named Goddesses of the Pink and Gold Rays. Angel painting by Glenyss BourneAnother great event; part of the ascension of Mother Earth, also took place on that day. It was the activation of all of the crystals on and within the Mother Earth. There are great crystal beds beneath the ground of Arkansas in the USA, that were deactivated after the fall of Atlantis, and also in Brazil, and many other parts of the Earth. There are also many crystals upon the surface of the Earth. There is another great crystal that goes unrecognized for the most part, and that is the waters of the Mother Earth. Water is a liquid crystal, but if it’s temperature is reduced to below the freezing point of water, it becomes a solid crystal;- ice.

Healing Art by Glenyss Bourne

Deep Waters by Glenyss Bourne

The Earth is an ocean planet and has vast amounts of water in her oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and in the atmosphere as water vapour; but our physical bodies are also approximately 70% water, as are the bodies of all of the lifeforms on the Earth. This means that all of this crystalline water was also activated during the crystal activation on 12:12:12, including our crystalline physical bodies. The crystal activation was carried out by two groups, in two phases. In the first phase, the incarnate Light Beings on the Earth, did an out of body Lightworking, where they visualized the path that the Activation Codes would follow to activate the crystal beds and all of the other crystals, on and within the Earth. In this way the paths were created for the activating Light Codes to follow. In the second phase of the activation, Ashtar Command sent the Activation Codes from their ships, to follow the pathways laid down by the incarnate Light Beings, and activate all of the Earth’s crystals. This was successfully completed, but the dark ones created a crystal deactivation code, and attempted to deactivate the Earth’s crystals again. However, the communications specialists in Ashtar’s ships created another code that deactivated the dark one’s deactivation code, and allowed the activation to succeed. After this crystal activation, it was noticeable that crystals seemed to radiate more Light, and their colours seemed brighter. The atmosphere and the waters of the Earth also seemed clearer and brighter.

The Divine Mother via Rananda, on the 18th May 2013.

Love and Light from Rananda.

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The Divine Mother by Rananda

The Divine Mother by Rananda

The 12th December 2012 (12:12) is the birthday of Mother Earth into the 5D world.

On the 11th November 2012 (11:11) the Earth `baby’ was “crowning”, and was ready to begin her birth into the 5D world; and on 12:12 she will emerge from the `birth canal’ of  The Divine Mother, and the new, 5D Earth will be born.

The Divine Mother will also give spiritual birth to all of those spiritual aspirants who have chosen, and who are ready to ascend into Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness.

It is the influence of The Christ Light  that activates the five additional chakras (Earth Star; Higher Heart; Fourth Eye; Higher Throat and Higher Crown) of the 12 chakra system, connecting one with one’s Higher Self in Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness.

The Christ Light consists of three Rays;- The Pink Ray of Divine Love; The Blue Ray of Divine Wisdom, and The Gold Ray of Divine Power. These are also known as “The Threefold Flame”.

The first of these Rays to come into play; The Pink Ray of Divine Love, is the Ray of The Divine Mother. It is She who will give birth to the Mother Earth and the spiritual aspirants, into Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness. It is the influence of Her Ray of Divine Love on 12:12:2012, that will fully open the Higher Heart chakras of Mother Earth and those that are ready to ascend.

Angel of Divine Light by Glenyss BourneThe opening of the Earth Star chakra of the ascendant Souls, provides the connection from their Higher Heart, via their lower chakra system, into the Higher Heart chakra of Mother Earth, thus allowing the powerful Ray of Divine Love, coming in from The Divine Mother, to fully activate her Higher Heart.

The Blue Ray of Divine Wisdom; the Ray of The Divine Father, then activates the Fourth Eye chakra of the spiritual aspirants, allowing them to `see’ in The Light of Christ Consciousness, through 5D vision.

When the Higher Throat chakra has opened, one is also able to speak with the voice of one’s Higher Self, and thus manifest Him/Her in 3D materiality.

The Higher Crown chakra opens when all of the other four of the five “Etheric Chakras” have opened, allowing one to connect up into it and unite with one’s Higher Self whose seat is in that chakra.

Angelic Image by Glenyss Bourne      When the Pink Ray of The Divine Mother, and the Blue Ray of The Divine Father have activated their respective chakras, equally, in balance, the Gold Ray of Divine Power is maximised; one becomes a fully Christ Conscious Soul, and one’s “Christ Child” is `born’.  The Divine Power will be exerted with Divine Unconditional Love through one’s open Higher Heart chakra, and with the Divine Wisdom of the Higher Self, through the open Fourth Eye and Higher Throat chakras.

Those that have had their five Etheric Chakras activated during the nine day period, 12:12 to 21:12, now have a functional twelve chakra system, and are the “Wayshowers”; those that cut the path to make it easier for the others who have also chosen to ascend, but whose vibrational frequency was too low to allow it. The higher vibrational frequency of the Wayshowers will act to pull up the vibrational frequency of those in the Grey area, and thus facilitate their ascension.

This is the culmination of the period of spiritual evolution that started many thousands of years ago, and is now coming to completion in “Ascension“.

The Divine Mother via Rananda on 10th December 2012.

Love and Light from Rananda.



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During the periods between lives when we exist as spirit beings in the upper levels of the 4D Astral Plane, we attend study groups with others of similar level to our own as part of our tuition at “The School Of Life”. There are 5D Souls who come into those groups as volunteers to be our teachers, and they are known as “Guides”. These Guides help us to address the problems that we have been encountering with balancing the karma that we have incurred during our incarnations on the 3D material plane.

While we are attending “The School Of life” incarnate on the Earth, we are usually accompanied by discarnate 5D Guides. These Guides will not interfere with the life choices that we make, but will give advice if asked. As one’s awareness increases, one becomes aware of these Guides and may even be told their names. One may have more than one such Guide.

Paul the Venetian

If one is a 6D or 7D volunteer Light Being working as “Ground Crew” with the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL), in incarnation on the Earth, one does not have Guides. This is because, as a 6D+ Soul, one has already worked as a Guide;- one IS a Guide and doesn’t need them. In such a case another volunteer Light Being;- an advanced Soul Aspect of one’s Higher Self;- perhaps one who is an Ascended Master, will introduce Him/Herself and will show one one’s other lives, and remind one of one’s identity in the Higher Realm, the Name of one’s Higher Self, and help one to connect with Him/Her if one has not already done so.

6D+ Souls also work as “Counsellors” for the members of the 5D Ground Crew working on the Earth. To do this work they take a step down from 6D or 7D to 5D in order to re-enter the cycle of reincarnation on the Earth or on another 3D planet. The 5D Ground Crew members are guided to them when they are having difficulty and need counselling. These Counsellors are very advanced spiritual beings, and are frequently walk-ins, so that they retain almost full memory of the Higher Realm when they walk-in (with mutual agreement) on the Earth.


Lady Venus

Amongst other duties, Counsellors also come down from 6D or 7D to work in the 5D ships of the GFL as individual counsellors for the 5D crew members. When a crew member is experiencing difficulty of any sort, they are allocated a 6D or 7D Counsellor to counsel them. These Counsellors work purely voluntarily in the ships. They work WITH the GFL;- not FOR it. The 6D ones are given the honorary title “Lord” or “Lady”, but the 7D ones are initiated from 6D to 7D by great Light Beings such as Lord Sananda Kumara or Lord Sanat Kumara. They are confirmed as Lords and Ladies Of Light with the title “Adonai” (Lord) (Plural=Adonim).

By serving in these ways, Guides and Counsellors expedite the spiritual evolution of their charges and further their own evolution in the process. A 5D Guide who has worked for many incarnations on the Earth and in 4D, may be initiated to 6D at the end of His/Her service, and a 6D Counsellor who has worked for many incarnations counselling the Ground Crew on the Earth and other planets, may be initiated to 7D at the end of the evolutionary period, and made a Lord or Lady Of Light as the reward for their service in the lower dimensions. However, they do not seek such reward; to be of service is reward enough.
Rananda Kumara, Adonai, via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 24rth August 2016.
Love and Light from Rananda Kumara.


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5-smallOn the Earth we are conditioned to the belief in linear time through memory and collective memory (history), and form a concept of time that is like a river flowing ever onward. This belief becomes our reality.
Our logical left brain is selective in what it chooses to believe, and ignores lives that do not fit within the linear pattern so lives that are concurrent, or overlap are ignored and we are unaware of them unless we change our belief and begin to believe in simultaneous time; the eternal “Now Moment”. Then we begin to remember other lives that are simultaneous, or overlap with the current one.
In our dream state we sometimes live episodes from these parallel lives, because the logical left brain is no longer in charge in the dream state, and does not apply it’s editing to make everything fit the linear time scenario.
When we suspend our belief in linear time, our Higher Self begins to show us the other lives that we had previously rejected because they did not fit the linear pattern. Our Higher Self is the collective consciousness of all our other lives, and when we count the parallel lives, there are many more lives than we had previously believed within our Higher Self. After we have re-blended with our Higher Self, we are able to focus into any of those other lives, including the parallel ones, that we have become aware of. We are no longer limited to the awareness of this one life. These other parallel lives will be at lower levels of spiritual evolution, as they have not yet re-blended with the Higher Self as you have.
From Rananda via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 28th July 2016


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Angel Painting by Glenyss BourneTo our physical senses in third dimensional (3D) awareness, the Sun appears to be a large ball of incandescent gas that is transforming hydrogen into helium, in a process of nuclear fusion. However, the Sun is a being ; a Soul in spiritual evolution like you and me. It is an aspect of Spirit called- “The Solar Logos”; a collective  being that has responsibility for the spiritual evolution of all of the Souls; (including the planetary Souls, like Mother Earth), in The Solar System.

The Sun also exists at higher dimensional levels as all Souls do, and it’s awareness is in 7D.

Our Higher Selves are the collective consciousness of all of our other life Soul aspects, but the Sun is the collective consciousness of all the Higher Selves. The collective consciousness of our Higher Self is a 6D Soul, and the collective consciousness of the Sun is a 7D Soul; the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

Just as our Higher Self oversees our individual spiritual evolution, so the Sun oversees the spiritual evolution of the whole planetary system, including that of the planetary Souls themselves.

The Light that we see radiating from the Sun is that same Light, on a larger scale, that can sometimes be seen emanating from the aura of a spiritually evolved Soul on the Earth. Light is the influence of Spirit.

The Sun also emits what we experience as “charged particles”, from solar flares and CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections.) which impact the geomagnetic fields of Mother Earth, raising her vibrational frequency, and ours too, as our physical bodies are of her’s. These energies come down through our chakra systems and those of Mother Earth, and raise our vibrational frequencies.

At the beginning of this current evolutionary period, many thousands of years ago, some 6D Souls separated out of the Solar Logos and re-entered the cycle of reincarnation on the Earth as volunteers, to further the course of spiritual evolution. They were the priests, shamans, prophets, writers, artists, poets, musicians, political innovators, composers, healers, Lightworkers, and the inventors who would bring back old inventions and re-invent them at critical moments during the course of history.

In these days, at the end of this evolution, the Solar Logos is increasingly stepping up the power and frequency of the energies being radiated from the Sun, in order to bring about the evolutionary step that we know as “Ascension”, which is the `harvest’ at the end of this evolutionary growth period of many millennia. Those who are harvested, will ascend and incarnate no more in materiality on the Earth; and those who are not yet ripe for harvest will continue to be reborn in 3D materiality on another 3D planet until they have grown to maturity.

There is also a Galactic Logos; “The Great Central Sun”, from which our Sun receives the energies that It steps down and re-radiates to us and our planet for our spiritual evolution.

Channelled from Rananda on 9th September 2012.

Love and Light from Rananda.

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A great deal of misunderstanding and fear exists around the subject of “The Grays”. Whenever extra-terrestrials are mentioned in the media, the article is invariably accompanied by a picture of a Gray ET, even though the Grays are only one of many ET races that have visited the Earth. It is implied that all ETs look like the Grays, and presents a sinister image of them, which is calculated to induce fear of them in the public. Many extra-terrestrial races look remarkably Human and are even more beautiful than the most beautiful of Humans. The Grays are not members of the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL) though some of the Grays work for them as androids. Because they are 4D Souls they can land on the Earth to carry out tasks, where higher dimensional Star Beings could not land. If the GFL had been allowed to choose which Star Race would be the first to make contact with the Earth Humans, they would have chosen a race such as the Pleiadians who closely resemble them, and who would therefore not send them into fear.
wp-1464649874663.jpgThere are several different races of Grays, and they all used to look much more like us until their planets experienced a nuclear war, or they consumed genetically modified organisms that altered their DNA and started them down a road that led to a genetic dead end. Gradually, they became unable to reproduce their species, and sought a way to avoid the certain extinction of their race that threatened them. Under laboratory conditions, they manipulated their DNA to create and grow android bodies for themselves, and ensouled them. These androids are “The Grays”. Their bodies do not age and die, but if they die in an accident, they simply ensoul one of the new bodies, which are continuously produced on their home planet or in their ships.
The Grays stand around 4ft in height (Though there is also tall variety) and are completely hairless. They have a relatively large, pear shaped head with a small chin and very small nose; a tiny, non-functional slit of a mouth; no external ear, and have very large slanting, matt black eyes, with no sign of an iris or a pupil. They have no sexual organs and their arms and hands are long, with long bony fingers. They absorb nourishment through their skin and communicate telepathically.
They would like to return to the way they looked before their DNA was damaged, and several of their races search the Galaxy for planets where Humans live that are willing to share their genetic material and undamaged DNA with the Grays, to create hybrid beings. Through this breeding program they can gradually heal their damaged DNA, return to their former physical appearance and restore the ability to reproduce their species.
Certain planets in the Galaxy have been created as DNA `libraries’, where Star Beings can come and take out a `book’, perhaps for the purpose of reseeding another planet. The Earth is one of these DNA` library’ planets and the Grays came here in the early 1950s to take out a `book’. Unfortunately, they chose the US Air Force to do a deal with. The Grays abide by certain rules of engagement with other planets, and their rules forbid them to just walk in and take what they wish by force. They must offer a trade. The Grays are a telepathic race and they assumed that we, on the Earth were telepathic too, as is the norm for Star Beings, and that in dealing with the American military, all of us on the Earth would be in on the deal too, and agree to it. They offered the US Air Force some of their technology in exchange for permission to establish bases on the Earth and to abduct people and harvest their genetic material to breed their hybrids. Of course, the US military leapt at the chance to obtain this ET technology. This is the origin of “The Secret Space Program”.
If we on the Earth are not to follow in the footsteps of the Grays;- damage our DNA and turn into an evolutionary dead end where we become unable to reproduce our species, it is essential that we abandon nuclear energy / testing / warfare and cease the production and proliferation of GMOs. Even peaceful nuclear power stations pose a serious threat as they are positioned on the sea shore and are wide open to destruction by tsunamis, as in the case of Fukushima. Our Star Brethren of the GFL have said that they will intervene to stop a nuclear conflict, and that they have already acted to down missiles that have been fired on 16 occasions in an attempt to start a World War III;- but we cannot leave it entirely up to them. Let us learn our lesson from the Grays.
The Grays withdrew from the Earth around the turn of the millennium as their weakened immune systems could no longer tolerate the high level of pollution on the Earth.
From Rananda via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 8th July 2016
Love and Light from Rananda Kumara.


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