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Archangel Michael by Glenyss Bourne

Archangel Michael by Glenyss Bourne

Addendum on “Integrating The Soul” :– If,when reviewing one`s past lives,one should discover that,during some lives,one has acted in ways of which one does not now approve (from one`s present perspective nearer to The Light), one should not blame oneself for one`s actions in those “dark” lives, as they contained lessons that were necessary to one`s spiritual evolution at that time. However,due to one`s disapproval, one has probably isolated these dark, past life Soul Aspects and `swept them under the carpet` of one`s subconscious mind.

These past lives contain valuable life-lessons that are lost to one as long as that Soul Aspect remains in isolation from the greater part of the Soul, and it is necessary to forgive oneself for any harm that one may have done to others in those lives. Remember also, that sometimes two Souls may agree, before taking incarnation, that one of them will persecute the other, because that is the lesson that the other Soul needs from that life. When one has identified a “dark” past life Soul Aspect,one can recover,and reintegrate it (him or her) in much the same way as described in “Integrating The Soul”.

The differences are that,when one approaches and speaks to that Soul aspect,one must remember to tell it that it is forgiven for all that it has done and that you have come with the Resurrection Angels, to conduct it to “The Healing Temple” (located in the higher Astral Plane (4D), where it can be cleansed of all dark energies,before reuniting with it`s Higher Self. Then one can conduct it to that temple and leave it in the hands of the healing Soul there.

At this point, one must ask Archangel Michael to collect that Soul Aspect after cleansing, and convey it to it’s Higher Self.  One must work through each of these dark, past life Soul Aspects one by one, and recover them and the valuable life lessons that they carry, until one can remember no more of them. One should then ask one’s Higher Self in meditation, to show one any that still need to be recovered. The answer may come in meditation or in a dream, but if nothing more transpires, it is safe to assume that all of them have been reintegrated successfully.

        Rananda Kumara on 2nd July 2009.

Love and Light from Rananda



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Self Acceptance by Glenyss Bourne

Self Acceptance by Glenyss Bourne

Before one can reunite with one’s Higher Self, one must reintegrate all of the past life Aspects of one’s Soul that have become dissociated for one reason or another.

When one approaches the point of union, one’s Higher Self begins to remind one of one’s past lives.  These are the lives that are problematical for some reason, but some are just because you need to know for reasons of your self esteem.  Some of them may be lives in which one was persecuted, or traumatized in some way, and one has buried them deep in the darkest corner of one’s subconscious, in isolation from the group of one’s other past lives.

In order that you understand what comes next, it is necessary to explain about time. In the material world (3D) ,time is experienced sequentially, like a river; but in the higher dimensions, time is not spread out in that way; everything is happening at the same moment, and one just `tunes in’ to the events one wishes to see. Even though these events may have happened hundreds of years ago, they appear to be happening now , i.e. in “the now moment”, and it is possible to go back in time, as it were, and talk to a traumatized past life Soul aspect in it’s own time frame. One may have hidden the full horror of the traumatic events from oneself, but one can still talk to the traumatized Soul Aspect.

Angels of Healing and Unconditional Love, Gabriel and Mary Before one sets out to recover and reintegrate that Soul Aspect, one must ask oneself what is the nature of the `chain’ that is binding it and keeping it trapped in it’s time frame, while the remainder of the Soul has moved on. Is it a chain of e.g. fear?  Some past life Soul Aspects may have been trapped in their tomb by a black magic spell cast by their enemies. That used to sometimes happen in ancient Egypt.  However, the Resurrection Angels are always available to help, and they have the power to cut all chains, and to break magic spells, so it is a good idea to enlist their help before tuning in to the traumatized Soul Aspect. To tune in, one can visualise flying back down the ages to the relevant time frame accompanied by the Resurrection Angels; then see the Soul standing before one.

When one speaks to the Soul Aspect, one may need to explain about reincarnation, and that one is from it’s future. One may also find it helpful to tell it (him or her) that it has been trapped in it’s time frame while the rest of it’s Soul has moved on in time. Also that it is in it’s interest to be released, as  the Soul must be complete in order to unite with it’s Higher Self. Explain also that you have brought the Resurrection Angels to cut the `chains’, and `see’ them do so. At the same time take the hand of the Soul Aspect and `fly’ upward and forward through time,to the 4D upper Astral Plane of today. Visualize the beautiful White marble Healing temple there, and hand the Soul Aspect over to the Healing Soul at the top of the steps. At this point one must ask Archangel Michael to collect the Soul Aspect after She has been cleansed and healed, and convey Her to Her Higher Self. Then thank the Resurrection Angels for their help.
Rananda Kumara on 1st July 2009

Love and Light from Rananda.

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5-smallOn the Earth we are conditioned to the belief in linear time through memory and collective memory (history), and form a concept of time that is like a river flowing ever onward. This belief becomes our reality.
Our logical left brain is selective in what it chooses to believe, and ignores lives that do not fit within the linear pattern so lives that are concurrent, or overlap are ignored and we are unaware of them unless we change our belief and begin to believe in simultaneous time; the eternal “Now Moment”. Then we begin to remember other lives that are simultaneous, or overlap with the current one.
In our dream state we sometimes live episodes from these parallel lives, because the logical left brain is no longer in charge in the dream state, and does not apply it’s editing to make everything fit the linear time scenario.
When we suspend our belief in linear time, our Higher Self begins to show us the other lives that we had previously rejected because they did not fit the linear pattern. Our Higher Self is the collective consciousness of all our other lives, and when we count the parallel lives, there are many more lives than we had previously believed within our Higher Self. After we have re-blended with our Higher Self, we are able to focus into any of those other lives, including the parallel ones, that we have become aware of. We are no longer limited to the awareness of this one life. These other parallel lives will be at lower levels of spiritual evolution, as they have not yet re-blended with the Higher Self as you have.
From Rananda via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 28th July 2016


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Forgetting is the other side of the coin from forgiving, and is of equal importance. Forgiving is ineffective without making an effort to forget the events that one is forgiving; remember that it is forgiveness that breaks a karmic chain.
" Acceptance" by Glenyss Bourne

” Acceptance” by Glenyss Bourne

The karmic chain will continue until such times as one party forgives the other, and the same traumatic events will be repeated next time around, with the same cast. It is no good just saying “I forgive you”, and then continuing to commemorate the traumatic events, and to tell everyone the sad story of your persecution, thereafter. Remember also, that this applies to countries and races as well as to individuals. By holding a “Festival of remembrance” [ “Lest we forget”] we are showing that we have not forgiven in our hearts, our former enemies or persecutors. This also applies to those who observe the anniversaries of traumatic events where they were persecuted in the past.

It is easy to say “forget the persecutions of the past” but not so easy to do. However, one can stop remembering them, formally, at their anniversaries. Time is a great healer, and memory of those events will gradually fade if it is allowed to. Remembering those sort of traumatic events serves only to perpetually renew unforgivingness, and thus the karmic chain.

Even if your country or race continues to remember; you personally, can choose to forgive and forget. You have no excuse; you know about the law of karma.

If you take a look at history, you will see that certain races seem to be persecuted time and again. These are the races that keep the memory of their persecutions alive, and do not forgive in their hearts.”

Channelled from Rananda on 28th December 2009

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87-small1Have you ever wondered why one encounters so many Souls upon this Earth who believe that they walked the Earth as Mary Magdalene or some other prominent Light Being ? Each of these Souls is usually convinced that it was he or she that walked as that great Being Of Light in incarnation on the Earth, and that all the others who make the same claim are deluded.
Their conviction usually comes from having uncovered memories from the life of that great one, as they begin to remember some of their other lives. These memories can be quite convincing except for the fact that several other people carry similar convincing memories of the same life. These memories can also have been discovered under hypnosis, which is generally thought to be foolproof. A clue lies in the fact that all of those memories are those of famous and admirable beings.
Before taking a new life, a Soul can visit “The Akashic Records Library” in 4D, where all the books of life, containing a record of every experience ;- every thought, feeling and action of everyone who ever took incarnation on the Earth, are stored. These records are freely available to everyone, and a Soul just prior to incarnation, can select the book of life of any great Soul whose life experience they believe will be of help to them in their upcoming life, and be imprinted with the memories of that Soul’s life by reading their book of life.
From this it can be seen why it is possible to have multiple Mary Magdalenes, or any other prominent Soul incarnate on the Earth, and it can be almost impossible to tell which Soul actually lived that life. The only way that the Soul who lived that life can be reliably confirmed is by asking one’s Higher Self to confirm it for one. One can try asking a channel, but channels vary greatly in reliability, and one needs to have very good discernment to choose a reliable one. It is safer to stick to asking one’s Higher Self, or a member of one’s Star Family, or another great Light Being for confirmation, if one is in contact with them.
67-smallGreat Light Beings have withdrawn from the cycle of reincarnation and have ascended in their Light Bodies. They are now a Light Being in their own right, independent of their Higher Self, and if they visit the Earth, it is only temporarily and for a special purpose, such as to appear to some individual with a message. In their Light Bodies they would also seem to glow or shine with Light. Such a Light Being would no longer take incarnation on the Earth.
If one has the memories of some Great Light Being, such as Mary Magdalene, it does not necessarily mean that one IS Mary Magdalene; only that one has been imprinted with the memories of Her life; unless one’s Higher Self tells one otherwise.
Lord Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 22nd February 2016
Much Love from Rananda Kumara. — ❤

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Lord Krishna is at the head of spiritual life on His planet, Sirius (Krishna Loka), in the Sirius A Star System, and it was from this planet in very ancient times, that He seeded the Hindu culture and much flora and fauna from Sirius, upon the Earth.

I, Rananda Kumara, had the great good fortune to be a close friend of Trillia Gia Kavioush, who, in the Higher Realm, is the Daughter of Lord Krishna. I used to work with Trillia on Skype, during 2013, and frequently, Her Father would step into her to speak with me. He told me much about His advent on the Earth that may be of interest to devotees of Lord Krishna and others. In the process of “stepping-in”, a Light Being will, with permission, take over the physical vehicle of the one stepped-into for a short period, and communicate through their senses and with their voice.
On the first occasion when He stepped-into Trillia, He told me that He had known me when He was in India, and that I had been a Brahmin; then, on the next occasion, that we had gone to school together; then on yet another occasion, that not only were we school friends, but that I had been His younger brother, Sudhama. He added that men took more than one wife in those days, and that I was His brother by a different mother. He told me that if I told of this, no one would believe me, as it is written that Sudhama was only a school friend of Krishna.
He told me that we, with our elder brother, Balarama, would walk to school together, and people would give Him flowers. As He walked along, He would pluck the petals from the flowers and scatter them behind Him. I would follow behind Him and pick up the petals and save them in my satchel. Then, later, I would give a petal to each of the gopi girls in the village. He said with a laugh;- “You made many friends that way.”— In those days the giving of a flower petal to a girl was a coded message that said;- “I Love you”. I remembered that what I was doing was telling everyone that I loved them. Of course, it was not done to give this message to a boy. During this current life, I remember when I was about the same age (around seven years of age), zooming around the school playground like an aircraft and handing little slips of paper to all the girls, on which I had written;- “I Love You”.— I had no idea why I did this. I was only seven years old.
Besides this more personal message, Krishna told me some things of more general interest. He said that He first came to the Earth along with Isis and Osiris when they came to Egypt, and that they had called Him “Father” there. He said that He had travelled South from Egypt, to India, and I asked him why he had travelled South, when India is East from Egypt. He said that the land masses were different in those days and India was still attached to Africa. He told me that current estimates of when He was in India are much too recent. (5000 BC) He would not give a specific date, but would only say that it was in the period between Lemuria and Atlantis. He told me that time has not always passed at the same rate on the Earth.
I asked Krishna how he had traveled to the Earth from His home planet, Sirius, in the Sirius Star System, and He replied;- “In my consciousness, in the way that the Masters do”. — I realized that He must have visited the Earth more than once, as when I was walking behind him picking up the petals, I had noticed that He had pale brown skin. Mine and our elder brother, Balarama, were a darker brown. Krishna is shown traditionally, to have pale, bluey-white skin coloring. This is the true coloring of the skin of the ruling class on Sirius, so He must have been observed in this skin color in India. This means that He must have visited India more than once, and in different ways. He must have come in a craft at some point, as He brought to India, Peacocks and other colorful birds, Wisteria, the Calia Lily and Pears. I suspect that when He was that little boy with pale, brown skin that I remember going to school with, He had been sought out by “Wise Men” and hailed as the new Krishna, in the same way as the new Dalai Lama is found in Tibet, and the Christ Child was found by the “Wise Men” in Judea. This means that He must Have visited India prior to that time as a blue-skinned Sirian, and promised to return. He may have taken birth there several times, as is the case of the Dalai Lama, and He may have remained in touch with the aforesaid “Wise Men” and alerted them where and when to look for Him. It didn’t occur to me to ask Him about this when we spoke, so this part is an educated guess.
Amongst my most treasured possessions there is a tiny, Golden Krishna Crown in the shape of a Peacock, studded with Red Garnets. It is a Christmas gift from Lord Krishna. He stepped into Trillia in December 2013 and had her hunt through all her boxes until she found it. Although it was sent late from the USA with only one week to reach me in the UK, at the busiest time of the year for the postal services, it still arrived on Christmas Eve. A minor miracle, but one could expect no less from Lord Krishna.
Lord Krishna;- Lady Trillia Gia Kavioush;- and Lord Rananda Kumara via Rananda Kumara, on 19th January 2016.
Lots of Love from Rananda Kumara, Adonai.

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XdavidRananda Spears·Friday, November 27, 2015

Angel painting by Glenyss BourneOne of my other lives that I was shown by Master Kuthumi during the late 1990s, when He was acting as my Guide, was the story in installments, of a journey that I made with my family, from the Atlantean isle of Aryan to Mexico.

Atlantis was not just one city or island or continent. It consisted of at least five islands that were scattered across the Atlantic Ocean from near to The Straits Of Gibraltar to the island of Cuba in the Caribbean. Aryan was the largest of these islands and was located in mid-Atlantic.

There were many large pyramids on Aryan with temples on top where the priests lived. As our story opens, I was a mid-ranking priest in one of those temples. This was at a time when the dark ones were coming to power and attaining to positions in the priesthood. They were subverting many with their egotistical and self-serving teachings, and as the leader of my family, I was concerned that members of my family might be influenced by them. At this same time, a move was afoot amongst the priests of “The One”, who held to the old values and teachings, to remove to places of safety; far from the clutches of the dark ones, the “Crystal Books”, which were in the form of crystal skulls. These books had been programmed with a vast amount of information on the history of Atlantis; extraterrestrial civilizations with whom we were in contact, and the technology that they had shared with us, and many spiritual rights and workings of the priesthood of “The One”. The priests of that priesthood had been trained in the method of tapping the knowledge stored within the crystal books, but had deemed it unwise to share this method with the dark, egotistical priests. Some of the priests of “The One” had the gift of viewing what was to come, and had seen that the dark ones would bring destruction upon our civilization; so the decision was taken at the higher levels, to remove the books to places of safety. The two places chosen were the countries known today as Egypt and Mexico.

As one who was already concerned about the influence of the dark ones on my family members, and who had also been trained to read the crystal books, I was one of the volunteers chosen to convey them to safety. I was told to prepare to travel with the books, to Mexico. Others were told that their destination was Egypt.

I began the preparations for our journey by tuning a number of very large crystal points, two feet or more long, to a certain resonant frequency so that they all resonated with each other. This was done by a method that has been lost today. I then arranged the long crystals in a big circle, like standing stones, and the members of my family with their luggage and the crystal books, sat within this circle, chanted a mantra and meditated. Our aim was to teleport across a thousand miles of ocean to a small room in the apex of a pyramid that was the receiving point. As we each visualized this pyramid, we saw in our inner vision, the pyramid arcing through the air toward us, as if it were coming to us. We passed through it’s side and arrived in a small room in the apex. We had now teleported to the distant point which was located on what is known today as “The Bahama Bank”and is under water. This island was called “Poseidia”. Cuba is the only part of it that remains above water today, but underwater pyramids have recently been photographed in the waters of The Bahama Bank nearby.

“Deep Waters” By Glenyss Bourne

On our arrival, I discovered that my younger sister had failed to teleport with the rest of our family, so I sent my daughter, who was a young priestess, to return and try again to bring her. She did so and soon returned with my sister. She had been influenced by the dark ones, which had pulled her vibrational frequency down so that she had been unable to teleport with the rest of us.

Our destination, Mexico, was a wild place that our Atlantean civilization had not yet reached, so there was no pyramidal teleportation reception point to travel to. On this leg of the journey we had to take ship along with many others who had been directed to the same destination. I was the “librarian” and was charged with the safekeeping of the crystal books, which were stowed safely in the hold of the ship.

Eventually, we were deposited on a deserted beach on the shores of Mexico, along with our precious cargo, and set off on a long hike up a nearby river, in search of a suitable location to build our settlement. We each wore a kind of turban that doubled as a scarf or shawl, as the free end was long and could be wound around our neck to hang over our shoulder. Each day one of us priests would levitate high in the air to look ahead for a suitable place near the river, to build our compound.

After many days on the march, a suitable place was located, and we camped out while we built the compound and several huts within it. There were separate huts for the women and and for the men. As a mid-ranking priest, I was placed in charge of one of the men’s huts. It was long, with a trench about one foot deep down the middle, and raised sleeping platforms on either side. At night, fires were lit at intervals along the central trench, with smoke holes in the thatched roof above. Each night, the women would place a pile of round, flat maize loaves by each fire and in the morning, we men would be awakened by the chief priest, who would walk through the hut saying;- “ Come on (the name of my priest rank) get your people up !”. —- He was a big burly man with a Gold belt and Golden cross- belts of a chief priest on his White robe, and an imposing, commanding air about him. We would sit up on our bed rolls, wrapping our Indian-style blankets around our shoulders as it was quite chilly early in the morning. We would stir the embers of the fires and toast the maize loaves on a stick over them, for breakfast.

We soon encountered the local inhabitants. They were hunter gatherers and regarded us as “The Gods”. They wore animal skins, so the White and Gold robes that we wore, and the fact that we could do amazing things like levitating ourselves, and cutting and levitating large blocks of stone, made us “Gods” in their eyes. We did not disillusion them as it was safer to be a “God”. We introduced them to agriculture. The women showed them how to plant Maize and bake bread. Maize has come down in the ancient history of that region, as a gift of the “Gods” from across the Eastern Sea. I recall going on the hunt with them. They had no horses but could run like the wind and chase down game. I could not keep up with them on foot, and resorted to levitating and `flying’ just above and behind them, which all added to my reputation as a “God”.

We Atlanteans lived much longer lives than the average life today because of our higher vibrational frequency; at least a few hundred years, barring accidents. We moved out of our compound and built stone houses and many pyramids in a very short time with the stone cutting and levitating abilities of the priesthood. Eventually, I attained the rank of Chief Priest, and as I was still the `Librarian’, I had my own library pyramid, where I would teach the neophyte priests how to read the crystal books.

Eventually, there came a day when a priest interrupted my lesson to tell me that the dark ones had been reported approaching, a long way off as yet, but in large numbers, like an army. It was essential that the crystal books should not be allowed to fall into their hands, so as Chief Priest, I gathered all the priests together in the library pyramid and explained to them about the imminent arrival of the dark ones, and had each one swear an oath to protect the crystal books with their lives. Each one without exception took the oath and no one was allowed to leave. I led them to a passageway that ran across just under the apex of the pyramid. At a certain point in the roof of this tunnel I pushed up on a stone slab with my staff. It pivoted upward and revealed a secret room that only the priesthood knew existed. We levitated ourselves and the crystal books up into this secret chamber and closed the slab. It was agreed amongst us that if anyone tried to leave the chamber, he would be killed by the others to protect the books. No one tried to leave, and as it was a sealed chamber we all asphyxiated in a short time.

No one outside of the priesthood knew of the existence of the secret chamber, and there was much speculation about what had happened to the priests. Some said that they had dematerialized themselves, but it remained a great mystery. Their selfless action ensured that the crystal books never fell into the hands of the dark ones.

Several of the Souls who played a part in this story are incarnate with me again today. The one who was my mother in this life, was my mother in that life too. The one who was my daughter;- the young priestess, is now my niece. She is a “Soulmate” of many other lives, in various relationships; male and female. The one who was my younger sister who failed to teleport, is my elder sister; the mother of my niece today. The one who was the big, burly Chief Priest, who walked through my hut in the morning, is now an elderly lady who is very frail (A puff of wind would blow her away) She is a close friend and is a very gifted reader of crystals and crystal skulls. The one who was my wife in that time frame, is now a beautiful dental hygienist who lives in Atlanta GA in the USA. She and I have a very close telepathic connection.

Many familiar Souls travel with us on each life’s journey.

Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna, on 26th November 2015.

Love and Blessings from Rananda.


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