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Unconditional Love Painting by Glenyss Bourne“SPIRIT HAS NO GENDER” :- but when Spirit emanates A SOUL, which is Spirit in separation, DUALITY is created, and that Soul becomes FEMALE relative to Spirit’s MALE. The active principle (That which emanates) is always male; and the passive principle  (That which is emanated); female. The Great Oversoul is “The Divine Mother”, and our individual Souls are Her Aspects. Spirit is “The Divine Father”. ♥ Rananda


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From Sananda :-  ” When I was incarnate in the material world as Yeshua (Jesus), I presented my life as a play that I acted out with the supporting cast of my fellow players. There were more than the twelve that are recorded; but only a few of them; my inner circle; knew that it was a play that I was presenting. A dramatized production is easy for people to remember, and it had to be remembered for a very long time; the two millenia of The Age Of Pisces.

Angel painting by Glenyss Bourne

Mary Magdalene

I had women disciples as well as men, but they have been sidelined in the version of my play that has been passed down the centuries through The Church Of Rome. The fathers of that church were steeped in the customs of The Jewish Temple, where women were not allowed to play any part in the religious ceremonies, and that tradition still exists to this day in The Church Of Rome. Even the woman who was my beloved wife and disciple, Mary Magdalen, is given only a minor role in the edited version of my play. My own character has also been sanitized, to present me as an eternally pure figure, who never knew a woman; and even the fact that I had parents myself has been changed to make it appear that I came into the world in some miraculous fashion.

It is little known today, but several of my inner circle were also Christ Conscious Souls, although they were not allocated the leading role to play as I was. A few of these have been presented as simple fishermen, when in fact they were great spiritual aspirants and were literate in several languages. The original six of my disciples were the disciples of John The Baptist when I came to him at the Jordan. John told them that it was I, not he, who was The Messiah, and they asked me if I would take them for my disciples. I agreed, but told them that it would be hard for them. Their erudite stature is evident because several of them recorded my play for posterity, and translated it into several languages.

The most difficult role in my play was played by one of my closest disciples; the one with the great strength of character necessary to carry it through; Judas Iscariot. Judas agreed to take that role of “the betrayer”, because of his great love for me. Because of it he has been reviled for two millenia, and even by those of his brother disciples who were not in the know.

In that play that I lived, my leading lady was my beloved wife, Mary Magdalene. She was my great support and my power base. I could not have performed the “miracles” that I did without her, and without the support of my inner circle of disciples, of which she was one.

My purpose, in my life as Yeshua, was to demonstrate the great possibilities of Christ Consciousness in service to others, and to inform those who aspired to do as I did, that it was possible for them to follow in my footsteps now that I had pioneered the way to Christhood.

Those highly evolved Souls who were my disciples and followers, have continued to reincarnate during the two thousand years since that time, bringing their love and wisdom into the hearts and minds of all who were receptive to them. They have been much persecuted along the way, but they have now returned to again take the stage to play their parts in the the second, and final act of my play :- “Act 2 – The Kingdom Of Heaven Comes”.

When I lived as Yeshua, I often spoke of “The Kingdom Of Heaven”; that kingdom is the level of awareness that you are Spirit, that is attained when your Sacred Heart has opened and you become at one with The Father; the state that you know as “Christ Consciousness”, or “Cosmic Consciousness”. You become an Aspect of The Christ, and have the power of The Christ and the authority to act as The Christ in the world of matter and in the higher dimensions of awareness.

Relatively few have attained to Christhood thus far, but their number is increasing daily under the guidance of those of my `players’ who have again taken the stage; and a time will come very soon now, when a trigger point will be reached, and all who aspire to it will ascend into Christhood. “The Kingdom Of Heaven” will have come. “

Channelled through Rananda on 2nd October 2010.

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From “Father” :- “The Dark should not be regarded as an “enemy” of The Light. Darkness is merely an absence of Light, and has no separate identity of it’s own. When The Light Is shone into it, it dissolves and disappears. It was only a shadow !


Angel Painting by Glenyss BourneAll is Spirit, and that includes those energies that we regard as “Dark”. If we didn’t have “Dark”, how would we know what “Light” was? We need that contrast with the dark, to see which direction we want to evolve in.

If you regard “The Dark” as an enemy, and fight it, you will set up a duality within yourself, that will cause you injury. It will be translated into the physical level as a disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis, where your immune system starts attacking healthy cells in your body; the cartilage in your joints; and it will cripple you. It is holding a wrong belief that has caused this; the belief that the dark is your enemy and that you have to fight it. Beliefs are always translated into physicality, eventually. however you can always change that belief, and replace it with the one that; “The Dark ” is a necessary aspect of All That Is; not an enemy”. Then your disease will heal; you have removed the belief that was based on a misperception, and allowed the body’s natural ability to heal itself, to work unhindered in you.

The right way to deal with dark energies in the world, is to shine your Light on them. If you are in The Christ Light, you have the divine authority, and ability, to radiate your Christ Light into “The Christ Grid”, and all around The Mother Earth. Whatever dark energies that have been concerning you will be exposed to Light;-The Christ Light; and will be exposed as scandals in the media. You don’t even have to specify which dark energy; the fact that you have been concerned about it is enough. Recently, such dark energies as are behind the pharmaceutical industry, and the oil industry have been so exposed. When they have been exposed to Light, they find it much harder to continue to exist.


Angel Image by Glenyss Bourne

Archangel Zadkiel by Glenyss Bourne

As regards the dark energies that even those in The Light, can still acquire in their fields and chakras; due to their increased sensitivity; they can be released, during your lightwork, into any of the four elements, and transmuted to Light. A candle flame, or the Sun, if you are out of doors, is usually most convenient; but any of the other elements will do. However, dont forget to draw back the transmuted Light into your fields or chakras, after it has been transmuted to Light; you dont want to lose that energy once it is no longer dark. In that way, it will re-energise your fields or chakras.

The best Element to use is the one in which your Sun Sign is native; it will be particularly effective in absorbing and transmuting the dark energies. Mother Earth is particularly good at transmuting dark energies, as she has all four of the Elements in her physical body; Earth; Water; Wind and a Fiery core ! “
Channelled through Rananda on the 9th September 2010.

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