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Lady Rowena painting

Lady Rowena by Glenyss Bourne

On the 12th of December 2012 (12:12:12) Mother Earth was born into the fifth dimension (5D) through the Divine Mother, represented by Lady Rowena, Goddess of the Pink Ray, and Lady Claudine of the Gold Ray, who are Her aspects. (These Goddesses are not just mythological figures; they really exist in the Higher Realms, along with many other Goddesses and Lady Masters.) Several incarnate Light Beings also assisted in the role of `midwives’, at this great birth. The prerequisite for ascension to 5D is the opening of the Higher Heart chakra, whose colours are Pink and Gold.  Mother Earth’s Higher Heart chakra, which is located at Glastonbury Tor in the United Kingdom, was opened on 12:12:12, by the two above named Goddesses of the Pink and Gold Rays. Angel painting by Glenyss BourneAnother great event; part of the ascension of Mother Earth, also took place on that day. It was the activation of all of the crystals on and within the Mother Earth. There are great crystal beds beneath the ground of Arkansas in the USA, that were deactivated after the fall of Atlantis, and also in Brazil, and many other parts of the Earth. There are also many crystals upon the surface of the Earth. There is another great crystal that goes unrecognized for the most part, and that is the waters of the Mother Earth. Water is a liquid crystal, but if it’s temperature is reduced to below the freezing point of water, it becomes a solid crystal;- ice.

Healing Art by Glenyss Bourne

Deep Waters by Glenyss Bourne

The Earth is an ocean planet and has vast amounts of water in her oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and in the atmosphere as water vapour; but our physical bodies are also approximately 70% water, as are the bodies of all of the lifeforms on the Earth. This means that all of this crystalline water was also activated during the crystal activation on 12:12:12, including our crystalline physical bodies. The crystal activation was carried out by two groups, in two phases. In the first phase, the incarnate Light Beings on the Earth, did an out of body Lightworking, where they visualized the path that the Activation Codes would follow to activate the crystal beds and all of the other crystals, on and within the Earth. In this way the paths were created for the activating Light Codes to follow. In the second phase of the activation, Ashtar Command sent the Activation Codes from their ships, to follow the pathways laid down by the incarnate Light Beings, and activate all of the Earth’s crystals. This was successfully completed, but the dark ones created a crystal deactivation code, and attempted to deactivate the Earth’s crystals again. However, the communications specialists in Ashtar’s ships created another code that deactivated the dark one’s deactivation code, and allowed the activation to succeed. After this crystal activation, it was noticeable that crystals seemed to radiate more Light, and their colours seemed brighter. The atmosphere and the waters of the Earth also seemed clearer and brighter.

The Divine Mother via Rananda, on the 18th May 2013.

Love and Light from Rananda.

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The number of “First Wave Wayshowers” that have been working on the Earth for many lifetimes, amounts to thousands, but arrangements have been made by the great Light Beings of the Higher Realms for them to return “Home” to the ships of the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL), in groups of several hundred at a time, beginning on the 21st December Winter Solstice 2014, and extending, on astronomical, and astrological alignment dates, throughout 2015 and beyond.

These First Wave Wayshowers, many of whom have served on the Earth for many thousands of years, since the beginning of the evolution that ended on 21st December 2012, have now finished their tour of duty on the Earth, and are to reascend to the ships of the GFL to reap their reward for their many lives of service to Mother Earth and Humankind. These First Wavers originally volunteered  for this service and descended from 6D to 5D to enable them to re-enter the cycle of reincarnation. They were advanced spiritual beings who exerted a civilizing influence on Humankind and formed a spiritual connection for them. Many of them were accused of heresy and were terribly persecuted in some of their incarnations on the Earth. A few were lauded or sainted, and many went completely unrecorded in the annals of history. Some of them had served in the same way on other planets before coming to the Earth.

Second Wave,( and subsequent) Wayshowers who have descended more recently (since the 1980s approx’) to facilitate the ascension to 5D of Mother Earth and those of Humankind that have chosen to ascend to live upon the 5D Earth, will reascend to the ships of the GFL on completion of their work of “Harvest”, and reap their reward.

All of the First Wavers that are to ascend on 21st Dec 2014 must have reblended with their Higher Selves and have been allocated a walk-in so that they can walk-out and return to the ships. If you believe yourself to be amongst those, you should ask your Higher Self if you have a walk-in, and if so, ask that walk-in for his / her name. You should also ask for your ascension date, which may be given as the point when one zodiac sign gives way to another. (eg – “When The Bull gives way to The Twins”).

The first group of “First Wavers” will amount to several hundred, and they will be preceded by two “Forerunners” who will have already reblended with their Higher Selves, walked-out, returned to their ships, and been initiated to 7D by the great Lords Of Light, Lord Sananda and Lord Sanat Kumara. It is they, together with the above mentioned great Lords Of Light, that will officiate at the mass ascension of the “First Wavers” to 7D. These two “Forerunners” are also Kumarans from the higher dimensions of Venus, and Lords / Ladies Of Light.

This initiation from 6D to 7D is the reward for long and faithful service to Mother Earth and Humankind, by these First Wave Wayshowers. They will become Lords and Ladies Of Light. (In the Higher Realms a “Lord” or “Lady” is a greatly honored and respected teacher.) Some of them may descend, voluntarily, from 7D to work in the 5D ships of the GFL as individual counselors to the crew members, or advisers to the various departments within the ships. After “Disclosure” and the “Landings” that are to follow, they may also descend in their Light Bodies to teach upon the Earth, those that wish to join the GFL.

The ascension ceremony is to be held in a large stadium or amphitheater on board the huge Pleiadian mothercraft, “The White Winds”. In this great ship, the ceilings in the outdoor areas, are so high as to appear to be the sky. The host will be Lord Adrigon (Pron’ “Ade Ree Yon”) Top Commander of The White Winds and founder of the Pleiadian fleet. There will also be hundreds of guests present at the ascension ceremony;- members of the Star Families of the ascendent Souls; guides and teachers that have accompanied them upon their Earthly journeys, and old friends from the Higher Realms. The Second Wave Wayshowers will also be guests, and the First Wavers will wave goodbye to them before they ascend to 7D.  The Second Wavers will then return to Earth to complete their work of facilitating the ascension of Mother Earth and Humankind, to 5D.

This will be not only an ascension ceremony, but also a great gala occasion and celebration of the “Homecoming” of the “First Wave Wayshowers”.


Lord Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Commander Zanna.


Love and Light from Rananda.

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From Rananda :– Crystals are not just rocks; they are conscious mineral beings; Souls like you and me.

Angel painting by Glenyss BourneIn an earlier evolutionary period, many millions of years ago, at a time when you were still on the descending curve into materiality, you may have been a crystal being yourself. At that point in your evolution, you become an “Elemental”, and you can be a being of Fire, Water, Air or Earth; you are an Astral, or 4D being; not quite material yet. You are just associated with the material element, and you play in and around it, as it’s Soul.

Crystals are Earth Elementals; a Soul associated with the Earth element, and they have consciousness and a certain characteristic energy, as do all aspects of The Divine Mother.

The colours of crystals have an energy of their own that resonates with the energies of the crystal itself, and with the the energies of the chakras.

The colours that resonate with the lower chakras are fairly well known :– Earth Star–Maroon or Dark Cherry Red; Root–Red; Sexual–Orange; Solar Plexus–Golden Yellow; Heart–Mossy Green; Throat–Turquoise; Third Eye/Brow–Indigo; Crown–Violet; and crystals of those colours, if worn, will resonate with those chakras, and the energies of the crystal and it’s colour will help to energise the chakra, and open it. If you have a constricted chakra, it will help open it if you wear a crystal of the appropriate energy and colour, while working on that chakra, or until the block has been cleared, if it is a long term block.

Rose QuartzThe crystals and colours that resonate with the Higher Chakras:– Higher Heart; Higher Throat, Higher Brow and Higher Crown, are less well known. When you are working at balancing and opening your Higher Heart, it is beneficial to wear a Soft Pink crystal, such as Rose Quartz; Rose Opal or Pink Petalite; of these Pink Petalite, if you can get it, is the highest and most delicate energy. These crystals for all of the Higher Chakras should be set in Gold, as that is the energy of Christ Consciousness. I know that it is not everyone that can afford Gold, but when you are working at this level, to attain to full Christ Consciousness, you have the help of the Angels of Spirit, so they will put your hand on what you need for your ascent. You may be able to buy some Gold wire from a jeweler, or jewelery artisan/craftsman, and wind a spiral of that wire around the raw crystal tumblestone.

When I was working on my Higher Heart, some years ago, the Angels put my hand on a beautiful, translucent, Magenta-Pink Ruby, about one inch in diameter, that cost me only £27 ($35-40) It had gone unrecognised in the shop, because the back of the silver pendant that it was set in, was filled with jewelers rouge, which made the stone opaque ! My wife, and Twin Soul, Enid, found a Ruby, set in Gold, in a charity shop for only £5 ! It too had gone unrecognised. I had to have my Ruby reset in Gold, but it is now a beautiful Ruby/Gold pendant that I could never have afforded without Angelic help. Ruby, if you can get it, is the very best crystal for opening Higher Heart, as it has all of the colours in it for proper balance of that chakra:- Blue and Pink =Violet, and also Red. Blue=Right Heart=Divine Mind. Pink=Left Heart=Divine Love (These are The Divine Father and The Divine Mother, Who conceive The Divine Child, or Christ Consciousness; they are also your Inner Male and Inner Female energies that must be brought into balance in order to open Higher Heart.) Violet=Heaven, and Red=Earth, which have also got to be in balance to open The Gate.

To help open Higher Throat chakra, you can wear an Aquamarine crystal; again a tumblestone wound in a spiral of Gold wire will be fine (You dont need to have gem quality crystals, or cut stones for any of these crystals.) The locations of these Higher Chakras have been given in previous messages.

To open the Higher Brow chakra, a Lapis Lazuli stone can be worn. In this case, the Gold colour is present in the stone itself, as Pyrite, so it is not necessary to set it in Gold.(Audible sigh of relief all around).

The Higher Crown chakra is already open, but it is necessary to connect the Kundalini from the Crown chakra (Like the Unicorn’s horn) up into the Higher Crown, a hands length above the head. A Violet stone set in Gold is the right one for this. Amethyst is suitable, but if you can find Sugilite/Luvulite, that is the better stone for this chakra. That stone, when combined with Gold, carries The Christ Energy. At this point one is in full Christ Consciousness, and wearing this stone helps keep one attuned to Sananda (The Christ) at all times.

Love,Light and Blessings from Rananda. X

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