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At the time of opening of the Crown chakra, the rising Kundalini penetrates the Crown, emerging like a fountain, and connecting to the Kundalini of every Soul, everywhere in the world, and even in higher dimensions.       This enables one to feel the state of the chakras, and the left and right-side energy balance of anyone at a distance, if one knows their name.

The Divine Mother by Rananda

The Divine Mother by Rananda

Since Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi, in 1995, opened the Crown chakra of everyone in the world in a “Hundredth Monkey” type avalanche, everyone now has the potential ability to feel the state of the chakras in another.

Those that have neglected to cleanse their chakras, and have continued in their negative thoughts and actions after 1995, would still be able to do so, though with reduced sensitivity, depending on how much their Crown chakra is constricted.

Constriction of the Crown chakra reduces the number of strands of the rope-like Kundalini, that are able to penetrate it. In the worst case, only one strand would succeed in penetrating the Crown, but such a Soul would be unlikely to be motivated to heal others. However, they would have the potential to do so if and when they clear their chakras. If one has self cleansed and has opened the chakras, the Crown chakra will be open wide enough to allow a powerful flow of Kundalini to penetrate it  and connect to the Kundalini, and thus the chakras, of others.

Before making this connection, one must first encompass one’s fields and chakras in a protective sphere of Golden Christ Light, to prevent “catching” of one’s own chakras, from the constricted chakras of the client.

Visualize a star of brilliant, Golden Christ Light expanding above your Crown chakra; then bring that Golden Light down and around your body, and bring it together in another star of Golden Light just beneath your feet.

Then, using the forefinger of your right (or active) hand, write the clients name on the palm of your left (or passive) hand; then using all of the fingers of the right hand together, circle around the palm of the left hand clockwise, seven times. This identifies the client and focuses your attention on him/her.

Then hold both hands out, palm upward, with fingers spread, and focus your attention on the fingers and parts of the hands. The fingers and parts of the hands represent the seven chakras of the lower chakra system. If the finger is `cool’ it means that that particular chakra is open; and if the finger is hot or tingly, that chakra is constricted.

If one feels a cool breeze blowing out of the palm of the hand, it means that the client’s Crown chakra is open.

The chakras that correspond to each finger are as follows :-

Little finger = Heart chakra

Ring finger = Third Eye

Middle finger = Solar Plexus

First finger = Throat

Thumb = Sacral/Sexual

Palm of hand = Crown

Heel of palm = Root

Chakras have a left/feminine, and a right/masculine side, and these correspond to the left and right hand fingers respectively. Thus one is able to determine whether a catch is on the right side or left side of the chakra.

The left hand is the indicator of the client’s left-side, or emotional energies; and the right hand is the indicator of the right-side or mental/pyhsical energies. The state of balance of these two energies in the client, can be determined by placing the palms of both hands together, and feeling which hand is giving heat to the other. The warmer hand indicates which side’s energies are overactive. If the left hand is warmer, the client is emotionally overactive, and if the right hand is warmer, the client is mentally, or physically overactive.

These energies can be brought into balance in the client, by cupping your right (or active hand), level with the Root chakra, on the cool, or underactive side, and raising it up, as if lifting water in your cupped hand, up and over, above your Third Eye chakra; and then, turning the hand over, and pushing down the energy of the warmer, or overactive side to the level of the Root chakra on that side. Repeat this for seven times, or until both palms are equally warm. The client’s left and right-side energies are then in balance.

Having determined which of the client’s chakras are “catching” (hot/tingly) it is a simple matter to take out the catch.

Rotate all of the fingers of your right hand, clockwise around the hot/tingly finger of your left hand, seven times, clockwise, and pull off the negative energy, as if pulling off a ring, and throw it into one of the four Elements (e.g. a candle flame or the fiery core of Mother Earth) to be transmuted to Light. For right hand catches you rotate anti-clockwise around the finger, using your left hand.

Right-side catches point to a physical cause, and left side, to an emotional cause.

After removing the client’s catches, hold your hands out in front of you with fingers spread and check that all fingers are now `cool’.

The client’s chakras are now healed, but the catches will return if the client continues in the behavior that caused the catches.

On completion of the chakra healing, shake your hands briskly down toward the Mother Earth to remove any residual negativity that may remain from the client, and then renew your protective sphere of Golden Christ light.

You can, of course, remove your own chakra catches, and balance your own energies in this same way.

Practising this method of distant healing, through the Kundalini connection to others, brings home the realization that truly we are ONE.


Rananda Kumara on 17th February 2014.



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Lady Rowena painting

Lady Rowena by Glenyss Bourne

On the 12th of December 2012 (12:12:12) Mother Earth was born into the fifth dimension (5D) through the Divine Mother, represented by Lady Rowena, Goddess of the Pink Ray, and Lady Claudine of the Gold Ray, who are Her aspects. (These Goddesses are not just mythological figures; they really exist in the Higher Realms, along with many other Goddesses and Lady Masters.) Several incarnate Light Beings also assisted in the role of `midwives’, at this great birth. The prerequisite for ascension to 5D is the opening of the Higher Heart chakra, whose colours are Pink and Gold; and Mother Earth’s Higher Heart chakra, which is located at Glastonbury Tor in the United Kingdom, was opened on 12:12:12, by the two above named Goddesses of the Pink and Gold Rays. Angel painting by Glenyss BourneAnother great event; part of the ascension of Mother Earth, also took place on that day. It was the activation of all of the crystals on and within the Mother Earth. There are great crystal beds beneath the ground of Arkansas in the USA, that were deactivated after the fall of Atlantis, and also in Brazil, and many other parts of the Earth. There are also many crystals upon the surface of the Earth. There is another great crystal that goes unrecognized for the most part, and that is the waters of the Mother Earth. Water is a liquid crystal, but if it’s temperature is reduced to below the freezing point of water, it becomes a solid crystal;- ice.

Healing Art by Glenyss Bourne

Deep Waters by Glenyss Bourne

The Earth is an ocean planet and has vast amounts of water in her oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and in the atmosphere as water vapour; but our physical bodies are also approximately 90% water, as are the bodies of all of the lifeforms on the Earth. This means that all of this crystalline water was also activated during the crystal activation on 12:12:12, including our crystalline physical bodies. The crystal activation was carried out by two groups, in two phases. In the first phase, the incarnate Light Beings on the Earth, did an out of body Lightworking, where they visualized the path that the Activation Codes would follow to activate the crystal beds and all of the other crystals, on and within the Earth. In this way the paths were created for the activating Light Codes to follow. In the second phase of the activation, Ashtar Command sent the Activation Codes from their ships, to follow the pathways laid down by the incarnate Light Beings, and activate all of the Earth’s crystals. This was successfully completed, but the dark ones created a crystal deactivation code, and attempted to deactivate the Earth’s crystals again. However, the communications specialists in Ashtar’s ships created another code that deactivated the dark one’s deactivation code, and allowed the activation to succeed. After this crystal activation, it was noticeable that crystals seemed to radiate more Light, and their colours seemed brighter. The atmosphere and the waters of the Earth also seemed clearer and brighter. The Divine Mother via Rananda, on the 18th May 2013. Love and Light from Rananda. ❤

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The Divine Mother by Rananda

The Divine Mother by Rananda

The 12th December 2012 is the birthday of Mother Earth into the 5D world.

On the 11th November 2012 (11:11) the Earth `baby’ was “crowning”, and was ready to begin her birth into the 5D world; and on 12:12 she will emerge from the `birth canal’ of  The Divine Mother, and the new, 5D Earth will be born.

The Divine Mother will also give spiritual birth to all of those spiritual aspirants who have chosen, and who are ready to ascend into Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness.

It is the influence of The Christ Light  that activates the five additional chakras (Earth Star; Higher Heart; Fourth Eye; Higher Throat and Higher Crown) of the 12 chakra system, and the 12 strand DNA; connecting one with one’s Higher Self in Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness.

The Christ Light consists of three Rays;- The Pink Ray of Divine Love; The Blue Ray of Divine Wisdom, and The Gold Ray of Divine Power. These are also known as “The Threefold Flame”.

The first of these Rays to come into play; The Pink Ray of Divine Love, is the Ray of The Divine Mother. It is She who will give birth to the Mother Earth and the spiritual aspirants, into Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness. It is the influence of Her Ray of Divine Love on 12:12, that will fully ; open the Higher Heart chakras of Mother Earth and those that are ready to ascend.

Angel of Divine Light by Glenyss BourneThe opening of the Earth Star chakras of the ascendent Souls, provides the connection from their Higher Hearts, via their lower chakra system, into the Higher Heart chakra of Mother Earth, thus allowing the powerful Ray of Divine Love, coming in from The Divine Mother, to fully activate her Higher Heart.

The Blue Ray of Divine Wisdom; the Ray of The Divine Father; then activates the Fourth Eye chakra of the spiritual aspirants, allowing them to `see’ in The Light of Christ Consciousness, through 5D vision.

When the Higher Throat chakra has opened, one is also able to speak with the voice of Spirit, and thus manifest Spirit in 3D materiality.

The Higher Crown chakra opens when all of the other four of the five “Etheric Chakras” have opened, allowing one to connect up into it and unite with one’s Higher Self;- one’s personal aspect of Spirit; or `window’ into Spirit.

Angelic Image by Glenyss Bourne      When the Pink Ray of The Divine Mother, and the Blue Ray of The Divine Father have activated their respective chakras, equally, in balance, the Gold Ray of Divine Power is maximised; one becomes a fully Christ Conscious Soul, and one’s “Christ Child” is `born’. The Divine Power will be exerted with Divine Unconditional Love through one’s open Higher Heart chakra, and with the Divine Wisdom of the Higher Self, through the open Fourth Eye and Higher Throat chakras.

The activation of one’s 12 strand DNA accompanies the activation of the 12 chakra system, bringing the awakening of the dormant areas of the brain. This will result in the activation of dormant psychic powers, such as levitation; bi-location; teleportation, remote viewing, etc.

Those that have been 12 strand DNA and 12 chakra activated during the nine day period, 12:12 to 21:12, are the “Wayshowers”; those who cut the path to make it easier for the others who have also chosen to ascend, but whose vibrational frequency was too low to allow it. The higher vibrational frequency of the Wayshowers will act to pull up the vibrational frequency of those in the Grey area, and thus facilitate their ascension.

This is the culmination of the period of spiritual evolution that started many thousands of years ago, and is now coming to completion in “Ascension“.

The Divine Mother via Rananda on 10th December 2012.

Love and Light from Rananda.  X.

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Angel Painting by Glenyss BourneEach of the higher chakras; Heart; Throat and Third Eye, have a higher aspect. These are;- Higher Heart; Higher Throat and Fourth Eye chakras

The first of these to be opened is your Higher Heart chakra. This chakra is located behind your upper breastbone, and is centered on your Thymus Gland. It’s colours are Pearly-Pink and Gold. It is opened through compassion and unconditional love for others, which is usually expressed through engaging in some sort of healing of others for free.

The opening of Higher Heart is the important first step into your spiritual power. With it’s opening, you enter into The Ray Of Divine Love, which is Pink. This is the first Ray in “The Trinity Of Oneness”; – one of the two `pillars’ that support your Divine Power.

At this point, you may believe that “All you need is Love”, or that “Love is the answer to everything”;- but you cannot manifest your Divine Power through Love alone. That would be like trying to conceive a child with the help of only one one parent.

The other `parent’ is Divine Wisdom, and you can enter that Ray through opening your Fourth Eye chakra. This chakra is located at the back of your head, at the top, and it’s colour is Indigo-Blue and Gold. It is opened by establishing contact with your Higher Self, whose seat is at your Higher Crown chakra.

Your Higher Self (“Father”) is the collective consciousness of all of your past life Soul aspects, and is your window into Spirit. You can open a dialogue with Him by asking Him, just before sleep;- “Father, please tell me in my dream, what I most need to know right now.”– then record your dreams in your journal. You can also do this in meditation.

After a while, when you have established this channel of communication, Father will come through to you without having to be asked each time.  Divine Wisdom flows into your awareness from Father, and you have now entered The Ray Of Divine Wisdom, which is Blue; and your Fourth Eye chakra has opened.

Through your Third Eye, you can see in 4D (The Astral), but through your Fourth Eye, you can see in 5D;- you are 5D aware, and can see in The Light Of Christ Consciousness.

When your Ray Of Divine Love and your Ray Of Divine Wisdom are in balance with each other, the compassion for others that you feel through your open Higher Heart, prompts you to help those that aspire to reach where you are, to do so.

At this point of balance, your Third Ray of Divine Power is maximised. This Ray is Gold, which is one of the colours (with Violet) of Christ Consciousness. The colour Violet is the mixture of the Pink and Blue Rays of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, which are the two `pillars’ that support your (Gold) Divine Power. These three Rays comprise “The Trinity Of Oneness”, which is the same thing as “The Threefold Flame”.

You have now come into your Divine Power,  which you express through Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. It is through the third of the Higher Chakras; Higher Throat, that you express your Divine Power. This chakra is about Divine Self-expression, and it is located at the back of the neck, at the base of the skull, and is coloured Aquamarine and Gold. As you channel the Divine Wisdom of your Higher Self to others, this chakra opens.

All of these three Higher chakras work together to manifest Spirit in materiality. Our compassion at Higher Heart urges us to channel the Divine Wisdom of our Higher Self, that we `see’ through our Fourth Eye, to others, via  the Divine Self-expressiion of our Higher Throat chakra.

At this point you have connected up into your Higher Crown chakra, a hand’s length above your Crown, and have united in Oneness with your Higher Self. You have come into your power as a Christ Conscious Soul, and you wield that power with Love and Wisdom.

From “Father” via Rananda, on 18th October 2012.

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The Divine Mother by Rananda

The Divine Mother by Rananda

The ability to `feel’ the state of your chakras, and those of others is latent in everyone since Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who was an incarnation of The Divine Mother, brought about mass enlightenment in 1995, through the opening of the Crown chakra worldwide, in a “Hundredth Monkey” type avalanche.

The opening of the Crown chakra is the prerequisite that activates the ability to `feel’ your own chakras and those of others anywhere in the world, (or even if they are discarnate.)

When the Crown chakra opens, the Kundalini penetrates it and connects to the Kundalini and chakra systems of everyone, everywhere. This confers the ability to`feel’  your chakras through the medium of the Kundalini, by simply putting your attention on any particular individual. You can `tune-in’ to them by using your right forefinger to write their name on the palm of your left hand, and then rotate all of the extended fingers of your right hand around the left palm, seven times clockwise. Then hold your hands out in front of you, palm upward, with fingers extended and put your attention on your fingers.

The fingers and parts of your hands represent the chakras; the left hand, the left side of the chakra, and the right hand, the right side. Fingers and parts of the hands that `feel’ cool indicate chakras that are open, and hot or tingly fingers, chakras that are constricted.

When you have learned which chakras usually become constricted by which wrong thoughts and actions, you have a useful guide to what that individual needs to do, or to stop doing, in order to correct their life path and further their spiritual evolution. Ideally all of the chakras should be open, but this is seldom the case, even in highly evolved Souls, because their chakras “catch” from other people and from their environment, and they have to check them daily, and clear them.

The chakras that correspond to the fingers are :-

Heart = Little finger

Third Eye = Ring finger

Solar Plexus = Middle finger

Throat = First finger

Sacral = Thumb

Crown  = Palm

Root = Heel of hand.

The influences that cause the chakras to catch are :-

Heart = Problems with the father (Right Heart) and with the mother (Left Heart); fear; smoking; unforgivingness; heart disease.

Third Eye = Misuse of the attention or the eyes; splitting the attention; glare; looking at negative things.

Solar Plexus = Wrong thought or action; eating negative things; threats to the home or finances; misuse of power.

Throat = Too much or too little self expression; smoking; lying; bad language; feeling guilty; unworthiness; shame.

Sacral = Frustrated creativity; too much or too little sex; sexual perversions; menopause.

Crown = Disbelief in Spirit.

Root = Impurity; feeling insecure; ungroundedness.

These are just the basic causes of catches; there are many more, and one learns as one practices.

 by XdavidRananda Spears on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at 2:53am ·

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Archangel Metatron by Glenysss BourneKundalini is the energy of The Divine Mother as She manifests as “The Soul” in each individual being. In Her unawakened state, She sleeps at the base of your spine, and when you experience spiritual awakening, She is alerted to the fact that you have started out upon the spiritual path, and is also awakened. On the spiritual path She then acts as your guide, as you cleanse yourself of the dark energies that are constricting your chakras. This self-cleansing results in the opening of your lower chakras. The Kundalini is then able to ascend through them toward your Crown chakra. When all of the lower chakras have opened, up to and including the Crown, She breaks through at the Crown chakra and takes Her ascended place in your Higher Heart chakra. At this point you become a “Realised Soul” ie- your Crown chakra is open and you realise that you are Spirit. At this point, you are at “The Gate To Christ Consciousness” and fifth dimensional awareness.

Chakras are like donuts; the Kundalini energy rising from the base of your spine must pass through the hole in the middle in order to rise up through the subtle energy channel in your spine in Her ascent toward your Crown chakra. If any of these chakras is constricted, the Kundalini is prevented from rising strongly because She must squeeze through the constriction before She can ascend further. The Kundalini is rope-like, with strands, and if She comes to a chakra that is constricted, only a few of the strands can penetrate through the hole in the middle of the `donut’, so she cannot rise strongly, up toward the Crown until the reason for the constriction is addressed and corrected. Such reasons can be physical ailments in the area of that chakra, bad habits, or thoughts or actions that are not in line with your highest good.

When the Kundalini has penetrated through the Crown chakra She connects to the Kundalini of everyone, everywhere, and you can `feel’ the chakras of any particular person, in your fingers and parts of your hands, as well as in your own chakras, simply by putting your attention on that person.

When you have passed The Gate to Christ Consciousness by opening your “Higher Heart” chakra, the Kundalini starts to rise above your Crown chakra, and She ascends gradually toward your Higher Crown chakra as you open the other two higher chakras; “Fourth Eye” and “Higher Throat” chakras. The Kundalini is twisted like a rope and rises to a point like a Unicorn’s horn, and this is where the symbol of the Unicorn has it’s origin. The star on the end of the `horn’ is where the Kundalini unites with the Higher Crown chakra and you become a fully Christ Conscious Soul.

“Father” via Rananda on 12th May 2012.

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From Rananda;

Angel Painting by Glenyss Bourne “Andar Yoga” is the name that I have coined for working at the opening of The Higher Chakras, which leads to union with your Higher Self (Your Personal Aspect Of Spirit) at your Higher Crown chakra.

There seems to be a great lack of reliable information in the world on this subject, so maybe the information that I have channelled from Sananda and “Father”, on this subject, needs to be formalised into a “Yoga” that spiritual aspirants can practice.

The name “Andar Yoga” is made up of sacred syllables, thus;- AN-DA-AR (AN=Divine or Heavenly;- DA=Divine Father; and AR=Receiving The Light.) Yoga means Union; so the complete name means;- “Union with The Divine Father Through Receiving His Light.” This is brought about by opening your three Higher Chakras, which allows you to connect up into your Higher Crown chakra; the seat of your Higher Self. All Higher Selves are One in Spirit, so effectively you are uniting with Spirit.

Andar Yoga begins where Sahaja Yoga ends. Sahaja Yoga (The Inborn Method Of Self Realisation, or Enlightenment) is the method of awakening the Kundalini; opening the Lower Chakras (Up to and including the Crown) and bringing Self Realisation (The realisation that you are connected to everyone else through the Kundalini. You begin to feel everyone else’s chakras in your hands and in your own chakras, when you put your attention on them.)

The Sahaja Yoga `ladder’ ends with the opening of the Crown chakra, but the `extension ladder’ of Andar Yoga begins at the first of the Higher Chakras; Higher Heart, which is located behind the upper breastbone. Many people who are working at some sort of healing modality are at the point of opening their Higher Heart chakra; but that desire to heal others must come from compassion for them, and not from the desire to make money, or to survive. Forgiveness of self and others and unconditional love are the main openers of this Higher Chakra, but Inner Male/Female balance is also a prereqAngel Painting by Glenyss Bourneuisite, so that The Divine Father and The Divine Mother can unite in the conception of The Divine Child (Christ Consciousness.) With the opening of the Higher Heart chakra, one takes the first step into Christ Consciousness, and withdraws from the cycle of reincarnation at the end of that life.

The next Higher Chakra on the Andar Yoga `ladder’ is The Fourth Eye chakra, which is located at the back of the head, at the top. This chakra is opened by establishing communication with your Higher Self. You can do this by asking “Father” (Higher Self) just before sleep or meditation, to tell you what you most need to know right now, and then recording your dreams or visions for His answer. You can also use some of the many divination systems available, such as divination cards, or pendulum work, etc, for a quick conversation with Him, or to confirm the meaning of your dream or vision. If you open up these lines of communication, Father will use them to communicate with you and your Fourth Eye chakra will open.

The next `rung’ on the Higher Chakra `ladder’ is the Higher Throat chakra; this is located at the back of your neck, at the base of your skull, and is also called “The Jade Gate” by the Taoists. This chakra is all about spiritual self expression. Expressing to others the Divine Wisdom that you are receiving from Father through your Fourth Eye. This is also called “conscious channelling”. This Higher Chakra will open when you express Spirit in any way; through writing; speaking; art; poetry; music,etc.

Angel Painting by Glenyss Bourne

These three Higher Chakras work together to manifest Spirit in materiality. With Fourth Eye we see Spirit, and with Higher Throat we express Spirit to others, motivated by compassion for them at our Higher Heart. When all three of those Higher Chakras are open, we connect up from our Crown chakra, into our Higher Crown, located a hand’s length above the Crown, and which is already open and waiting for us to connect up into it. Then we are at One with our Higher Self, whose seat is at Higher Crown chakra. At this point, you are a fully Christ Conscious Soul, and a fully fledged Angel.

When visualising the Higher Chakras, it is helpful to know their colours. Higher Heart is Pearly Pink and Gold (Gold is the colour of Christ Clonsciousness). The Fourth Eye is Indigo Blue and Gold. The Higher Throat is Aquamarine and Gold, and the Higher Crown is Gold with a tinge of Violet. (The colours of Christ Consciousness.). It is also helpful to wear a crystal of the appropriate colour for the Higher Chakra you are working on at any particular time.

Love, Light and Blessings from Rananda, on 8th of January 2012.

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